A huge shout out to Susan Eriksen (Mrs. Char Crust) for sending me some of her products to try.

Char Crust is kind of a rub, but unlike any I have reviewed before. The best way I can describe it is to call it a rub that works like a blackening seasoning. Char Crust utilizes their amazing blends along with high heat to seal in the juices.

I review quite a few great products and although the flavors are usually different, it’s always really cool to find something different. Char Crust is different, and I give the product credit for 2 of the best steaks I have ever had.

For my Char Crust review, I had decided to use some mule deer steaks I had thawed. My friend had given me some meat after a successful hunt and I had put a package in the fridge to cook for dinner some night. Now I am a good cook, a really good cook actually, but I think steaks are my nemesis. It doesn’t matter if they are on the grill or in the frying pan or some other method – they always seem to be overdone, underdone, tough or all of the above.

So, the Char Crust website conveniently provides directions. Since I wanted to fry the steak in a pan, I followed the directions for sauteing using the Roasted Garlic and Peppercorn blend. Hot pan, hot oil, steaks well-dredged in the rub.. about 3 or 4 minutes per side and they looked amazing. They were a little pink for me so I popped in the microwave (gasp!) for 30 seconds which made them just right for my taste.

These steaks were amazing. Really. The flavor was off the charts, the steaks were tender and juicy. I wasn’t surprised about the flavor but I was a bit surprised at just how well-cooked the steaks were. The flavor profiles in the rub were fresh and rich. Of course you could taste the garlic and pepper but there were lots of other notes as well.

I was so taken with my results that I got another package of steaks out of the freezer and had steak again the following night except I used the Southwest Chipotle rub. Bam! Same results regarding tenderness and juiciness, with a completely different flavor. Very complex with sweet and heat and smoky. Loved it!

I can’t wait to try these products on other meats and different cuts of meat.

From the Char Crust website:

*You can use Char Crust® dry rub on any meat or fish, even vegetables.
*The Original Char Crust® was created in 1957 at our family’s legendary Chicago steakhouse.
*We make all of our products ourselves, in small batches, with premium ingredients.
*All of our products are “clean-label”, certified kosher, and most of of them have moderate amounts of sodium (Ginger Teriyaki is actually low sodium).

Only Char Crust® Seals in the Juices®!

*Our dry rubs are so fast and easy to use, with delicious results. Simply rub any meat, fish, or vegetable, then cook. Char Crust® does the rest. We make cooking fun!

*Professional chefs have used Char Crust® dry rub seasoning in their restaurants for over 50 years. Now you can too! Enjoy delicious food, made fresh in your kitchen in minutes.

Thanks again to Susan for sending me these products to try. I can’t wait to try the rest and I will definitely keep you posted. I’m convinced that Char Crust will not only make your food taste better, it will make it turn out better! Best of all, I’m not afraid to cook steak anymore! Char Crust will be a mainstay in my pantry.