I was reading about some extreme adventures, wishing I could step away from my day to day life and actually go on one, when I stumbled onto this one that takes you to beautiful Norway. Tell me if I’m wrong, but this is skiing! This adventure takes you to a remote lodge called Lyngen Lodge located deep in the Artic circle to the coastal town of Tromso, Norway. In order to get there one takes a beautiful scenic two and a half hour drive out of the way of everything, including all of the reasons why public ski resorts have trampled on the sport. This 2-3 hour drive, taking in scenery of the breathtaking Scandinavian country, is an immense step from having to take the usual jaunt to hit the slopes, which often means driving up I95 or I93 to northern New England, you flatlanders know what I’m talking about.

After the long scenic drive, one arrives at the remote Lyngen Lodge that houses only 8 suites equipped with their own private baths. The lodge also includes a hot tub, sauna, library, and a cozy living room with open fireplaces and panorama windows overlooking the beautiful Artic.

After you are fully pampered, cozy, and not wanting to leave the comforts and warmths of the lodge, a 35 foot boat arrives to take you to the mountains. Now that’s what I call a chairlift. Granted when you get to the mountain you have to climb to the summit, which is fully guided by a professional, but it sure beats sitting on a swaying, ice-filled, crammed with tourists that don’t know how to ski, chairlift. Once you reach the top the views are glorious, I can picture them now, and the powder is fresh. This strikes me as skiing at its best. There are no beginners who glide from one side of the slope to the other, where you are not really sure which way they are going to turn, or fall. No imbeciles trying to take a jump off a snow-covered snow making pipe thinking its a natural jump. It’s just you and the hillside with fresh powder up to your knees. Swooshing down the hill with spectacular views and no jerks with their flashy flourescent green skipants are there to blind your eyes. (That happened to me once)

You are said to have time enough for only 2 runs a day, but those must be the best 2 runs ever. A ski tour up a hillside with friends, breathtaking views, ski runs with fresh powder everytime, a boat ride back to base camp, and a secluded place to unwind, relax, and have a good time (rather than a steamy packed ski lodge) says heaven to me. See you in Norway!! I wish….