This is the coolest thing I have seen in awhile (although I know with my nerves I probably would never do it). This is a new sport in which the Ski Channel will report on in the near future. This is nuts.

It contains an individual in a suit, which is just an extension of his/her extremities. It is also referred to as a squirrel suit, because when they are flying through the air it looks like a flying squirrel. It is a body suit with flaps protruding from the arms and legs acting as a form of wind resistance causing the entire body to soar. It is amazing what these people have for control when they are “flying”. They are literally travelling right alongside these enormous rock faces at top speeds and one of their arms is barely scraping the rock edge, like you would do to test the temperature of a body of water. It is quite something to see. You need to check out the video, you will be in awe as I was.

It’s amazing what they are coming up with for these extremists. What hand-gliding and soaring around like an eagle wasn’t enough? Now they take it one step further. I was gonna say that they are now flying around like a bird, but it’s not. They are going faster! Again, absolutely extreme. Happy flying!