Very Proud Father
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Well I think I might have created a MONSTER! Until recently, my 6 year old son Kolby has been scared of the loud noise a rifle makes. He has very sensitive ears and has not let me fire a rifle or shotgun around him.

This past Thanksgiving he and I went hunting. I was hunting with a shotgun and he was sitting with me. We had a deer to come running by and Kolby started yelling, “Shoot it Daddy, Shoot it Daddy!!!!” Well I shot the deer and this seemed to ignite a fire in him.

Kolby and I with our Thanksgiving deer

Kobly and I with our Thanksgiving deer

Friday the kids were out of school and Kolby come to me and said, “I’m bored Daddy!” I asked him what could we do that wasn’t boring and he said, “Let’s go shoot your rifle!” I got my .22 Remington model 597 rifle and we headed to the hunt club. I got a Dr. Pepper can and set it up 15 yards away. Then I spent some time telling Kolby about the proper handling for a weapon and the “dos and don’ts” of weapon handling. I also explained to him the proper way to shoot the rifle and how to find his target in the scope. Then I told Kolby I wanted him to shoot the can. Kolby reluctantly looked at me because he had never fired a rifle by himself. He took aim at the can and slowly pulled the trigger. When the rifle went off the can jumped in the air and Kolby started screaming with excitement. We spent the next 30 minutes shooting at cans and Kolby fired about 60 rounds before we left. It made me so proud to see him shoot a rifle for the very first time! It is my dream for he and I to go on an elk hunt one day. Seeing him get so excited about hitting a can, I can only imagine what it will be like when he harvest his first elk!

Kolby with the .22 Remington Model 597

Kolby with his first shot! A confirmed hit!

Who Says You Can’t Find a True Friend in a Chat Room
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Back in 1998 I had the hunting bug bad. Not only did I have the hunting bug, but I was also consumed with trying to get into Outdoor Videography. I would spend countless hours in the stand with my video camera, then come home and get on my computer researching the outdoor programs and production companies.

One night I popped into a local chat room,, and met a fellow my age with the very same ambitions. He went by the screen name “ballistic”. It was kind of strange because we were about the same age and had the same desires. The only thing different was that he was about to go to work with a show called Outdoor Excursions. The even stranger part of the story is that everytime we entered the chat room, he and I would be the only ones in there. No one else ever popped in.

The chat room meetings eventually turned into the exchanging of phone numbers and we began to make weekly calls and our friendship became even stronger. I soon came to know ballistic as Chris Douglas.

His stint with Outdoor Excursions eventually came to an end. During this time I had picked up a job with Outdoor Moments and was filminging in NC, VA, & SC. This was good experience for me, but I wanted to see more of the country. I wanted to get out to the Midwest where the “Monster Bucks” were.

During the summer of 2002 Chris was hired to produce a new show called Whitetail Adventures. This opened the door for me to go to work with him. It was a great time. We got to go to a few camps ( Texas, Mexico & Canada) together during the season and our friendship grew even stronger. Eventually Whitetail Adventures closed shop, but that didn’t stop our friendship. I went to work with Bass Pro and he went to work with Jim Benton Outdoors and Tom Miranda, but we still kept in close contact.

In 2007 Chris called and asked if I would be interested in doing some work for Tom Miranda and I didn’t hesitate in saying yes! Once again Chris and I were back working in the same camp. This time we were not only hunting in North America, we were also assigned hunts in Africa and New Zealand also.

It’s hard to believe that 12 years ago I met him in an internet chat room and today we are like brothers!!!! Our families even spend a week together each summer at the Outer Banks for summer vacation. Our wives say we are worst than women when it comes to the phone because we usually talk hours on the phone each week!

Chris, thanks for the friendship! I can’t wait to see where our future takes us!

I See Blue In My Future, New Holland BLue!
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My dad has been in the farm equipment business for 48 years with two of his brothers. His brothers have decided they are ready to retire and dad and his younger brother are going to buy their interest in the business.
It looks like I will not be getting much down time when I’m not on the road. Dad wants me to come help in the sells department when I’m not on the road! I grew up around this dealership and started off mowing grass at the ripe age of 8 and eventually moved to the parts department when I was in Jr. High.
Since getting into the Outdoor Industry I have not been working at the dealership and dad asked if I would come help out when I was in town. Of course I said yes. I’m excited about my new part-time job. I have never worked in sales and I can’t wait to get out there and start selling those pretty blue tractors!!!
Have no fear, filming still takes priority!

2010 Golden Moose Award Winners
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Best Overall Production | Winner: Jim Shockey’s Hunting Adventures

Nominees: Benelli Presents Duck Commander, Hunt Masters, Bone Collector, Jim Shockey’s Hunting Adventures, The Crush with Lee & Tiffany, The Best of the West, Bow Madness , Leupold’s Big Game Profiles, On Your Own Adventures , Whitetail Freaks

Best Big Game | Winner: Bone Collector

Nominees: Hunt Masters, Jim Shockey’s Hunting Adventures, The Crush with Lee & Tiffany , On Your Own Adventures, Realtree Roadtrips, Limbsaver’s Addicted to the Outdoors, In Pursuit with Greg Miller, Ultimate Hunting, Bone Collector, Biologic & Drury’s Wildlife Obsession

Best Fishing | Winner: Bill Dance Saltwater

Nominees: Penn’s Big Water Adventures, Classic Patterns, The Crush with Lee & Tiffany, The Jackie Bushman Show, Bill Dance Saltwater

Best Bird Hunting | Winner: Benelli Presents Duck Commander

Nominees: Benelli Presents Duck Commander, Outdoors 10 Best, Pheasants Forever, Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild, Benelli’s American Bird Hunter

Best Turkey | Winner: Realtree Road Trips

Nominees: Bone Collector, On Your Own Adventures, Realtree Road Trips, Muzzy’s Bad to the Bone, The Choice

Best Conservation | Winner: Beyond the Hunt

Nominees: Pheasants Forever, Beyond the Hunt, Knight & Hale’s Ultimate Hunting, Jim Shockey’s Hunting Adventures, Leupold Big Game Profiles

Best Educational / Instructional | Winner: Bass Pro Shops Next Generation

Nominees: Bass Pro Shops Next Generation, The Best of the West, Gold Fever, On Your Own Adventures, In Pursuit with Greg Miller

Best Videography | Winner: Benelli Presents Duck Commander

Nominees: Benelli Presents Duck Commander, Bone Collector, Limbsaver’s Addicted to the Outdoors, The Crush with Lee & Tiffany, The Stihl Dogs N Logs World Championship, Hunt Masters, Destination Polaris, Tracks Across Africa

Best Sound Design | Winner: Hunt Masters

Nominees: The Best of the West, Whitetail Freaks, Hunt Masters, Benelli’s American Safari, The Crush with Lee & Tiffany

Best Graphics | Winner: (Tied for 1st) Hunt Masters & Bass Pro Shops Next Generation

Nominees: Bone Collector, Hunt Masters, She’s Beyond the Lodge, Bass Pro Shops Next Generation, Full Frame

Best Commercial | Winner: Benelli – “Vinci”

Nominees: Benelli – “Vinci,” The Best of the West – “Gunwerks LR-1000,” Duck Commander – “Carry-Lite Decoys,” Knight & Hale – “Pack Rack Tease,” Remington

Best Blooper / Outtake | Winner: Jim Shockey’s Hunting Adventures

Nominees: Jim Shockey’s Hunting Adventures, Inside Outdoors TV, Limbsaver’s Addicted to the Outdoors, The Jackie Bushman Show, Realtree Roadtrips

Fan Favorite Best Overall | Winner: Benelli Presents Duck Commander

Fan Favorite Best New Series | Winner: (Tied for 1st) Benelli Presents Duck Commander & Bone Collector

Fan Favorite Best Hunting | Winner: Benelli Presents Duck Commander

Fan Favorite Best Fishing | Winner: Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World Fishing

Fan Favorite Best Host | Winner: Lee and Tiffany Lakosky for The Crush

Golden Moose Honorary Award – Outdoor Adventure | Winner: Savage Wild

Golden Moose Honorary Award – Off Road | Winner: Destination Polaris

Golden Moose Honorary Award – Shooting Sports | Winner: Impossible Shots

PRNewswire — Jan. 22

Random Thoughts Of A Cameraman
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I have been fortunate enough to work in the outdoor industry since 2000. Talking to some friends this week got me thinking about my job.

The first thing to remember is that if anything goes wrong it’s ALWAYS the cameraman’s fault! That’s the running joke between me and my videographer buddies. With that being said, We are the field Generals, we run the show. The hunter has to listen to our commands and he/she cannot shoot until we give the order! You will rarely see us on TV and we are OK with that!

You must be in shape and able to carry plenty of weight in this profession. From climbing mountains to climbing trees we have to pack all our camera gear, which runs anywhere from 40 to 60 pounds in my case, everywhere we go. The gear list includes video camera, tripod, camera arm, extra batteries, camera light, leatherman, rain gear, snacks, water and the list goes on!

You have to be a hunter first, cameraman second. Of course I started hunting before I ever thought about being a cameraman. Early in life I developed a love for the outdoors and remember the first hunting video I ever saw. It was Monster Bucks of North America and I thought it was the best thing since cornbread!!!! I had always liked to take pictures and once I saw this video I knew that someone had to run the camera! This video is also responsible for making me a HUGE Dale Earnhardt fan!

You have to be a very stealthy person being a cameraman. It takes one hunter to be good to get a trophy animal with a bow. Now add a second person to the mix with camera gear!! You are doubling noise, scent and movement! The cameraman and the hunter have to work as a team to harvest an animal on video.

You have to be creative and have an “eye” for footage at all times!!! No slacking in this job if you want to be in the industry long! From the time you leave your house you are on the clock! When your hunter is back at the lodge taking a nap, you better have your fanny out getting cut-aways for the editor. When the people in camp are eating, you better have the camera running for the editor! When you are traveling to and from your hunting location, you better have the camera running for the editor. As the the saying goes in the film industry, “Tape is Cheap!!!!” As a cameraman it is our job to catch every possible detail of the hunt because once you leave, there’s no going back to get what you missed!!

DON’T EVER LET THE HUNTER OR GUIDE BE WAITING FOR YOU!!!!!! This is a CARDINAL SIN! We have to always be the first ones ready. They don’t EVER like waiting for a cameraman!

You can probably count on your fingers and toes the number of Full-Time cameramen in the outdoor industry and I am very THANKFUL to be one of them! I spend my share of time in airports and airplanes. I have to leave my house at 2 a.m. to catch a 6 a.m. flight out of Raleigh. Once I get to my final destination I usually meet up with my hunter, we get a rental vehicle and drive to our hunt destination. Once at the destination i have to get all the camera gear out and hunt ready within the hour of arriving in camp and then head out to the woods! I have grown to love the International hunts and the only drawback is the LONG flights!!!! I had 4 flights in July and August that were over 18 hours each!!!!! Try sitting in a recliner for atleast 17 hours!!!! The bad thing is, I CAN’T SLEEP ON PLANES!!!!!

Spending a lot of nights on the road I have found a reoccurring problem! More than once I have woke up wondering, “where am I and which way is the bathroom!” Seriously, this past year I spent 156 nights away from home. You have to be able to sleep anywhere and remember where the bathroom is in this profession!!!!

You have to be a jack of all trades!!!! You have to be a hunter, a videographer, an audio technician, an editor, a lumberjack, a mountain climber, a co-pilot, and a friend!

You must be very proficient and hanging treestands day or night! Plus when you hang your camera arm you better not make any noise!!!!!

I must say I have met and worked with some WONDERFUL people! Sportsmen are special people in my eyes. It makes me feel good to get calls from the hunters I work with and they just want to chat and see what you’ve been up to. I can remember the day when I thought these people walked on water!!! Basically I never dreamed I would ever make it as far as I have in this industry! I am going to make the most of it and I hope I have 30 more years before retirement!

With all this being said, the next time you watch a hunting show, just remember there is someone behind that camera working their but off for your viewing pleasure!!!!!

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