Well I think I might have created a MONSTER! Until recently, my 6 year old son Kolby has been scared of the loud noise a rifle makes. He has very sensitive ears and has not let me fire a rifle or shotgun around him.

This past Thanksgiving he and I went hunting. I was hunting with a shotgun and he was sitting with me. We had a deer to come running by and Kolby started yelling, “Shoot it Daddy, Shoot it Daddy!!!!” Well I shot the deer and this seemed to ignite a fire in him.

Kolby and I with our Thanksgiving deer

Kobly and I with our Thanksgiving deer

Friday the kids were out of school and Kolby come to me and said, “I’m bored Daddy!” I asked him what could we do that wasn’t boring and he said, “Let’s go shoot your rifle!” I got my .22 Remington model 597 rifle and we headed to the hunt club. I got a Dr. Pepper can and set it up 15 yards away. Then I spent some time telling Kolby about the proper handling for a weapon and the “dos and don’ts” of weapon handling. I also explained to him the proper way to shoot the rifle and how to find his target in the scope. Then I told Kolby I wanted him to shoot the can. Kolby reluctantly looked at me because he had never fired a rifle by himself. He took aim at the can and slowly pulled the trigger. When the rifle went off the can jumped in the air and Kolby started screaming with excitement. We spent the next 30 minutes shooting at cans and Kolby fired about 60 rounds before we left. It made me so proud to see him shoot a rifle for the very first time! It is my dream for he and I to go on an elk hunt one day. Seeing him get so excited about hitting a can, I can only imagine what it will be like when he harvest his first elk!

Kolby with the .22 Remington Model 597

Kolby with his first shot! A confirmed hit!