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( July 10, 2009 —
SEEMZ Technology, LLC the manufacturer of the popular “T.H.E.E. KRUSH” line of scent elimination products is proud to announce our latest technological breakthrough — NOZE KANDY – Premium Whitetail Deer Attractant!

Combining the years of experience of the SEEMZ Technology Pro-Staff and the knowledge of our staff chemist we have developed the best deer attractant available to hunters today.

Years of research and hours of field time have led to the development of NOZE KANDY. The proprietary mix of both exotic and trace minerals and superior quality proteins come together to create a deer attractant that not only provides the necessary nutrients for the whitetail deer herd but creates an internal psychological need within the deer.

In close observation, through both modern trail cameras and close personal observation, it has become evident that the NOZE KANDY product creates an internal need and demand within the whitetail deer. It is not uncommon to find bedding areas within yards of the product where they had not existed days or weeks before.

NOZE KANDY – The Deer Attractant for today’s whitetail deer.

NOZE KANDY and other SEEMZ Technology, LLC products are sold throughout North America at fine outdoor retailers and on the internet at

SEEMZ Technology, LLC is aggressively seeking new dealers throughout all of North America. If you or your company would be interested in adding SEEMZ products to your arsenal of product lines, please contact Bryan Blankenship, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at 765.299.6275 or via email at [email protected]

SEEMZ Technology, LLC is a true partner in the growth of the archery and hunting industry and provides payment terms and conditions to their most valued customers.

SEEMZ Technology, LLC headquartered in Covington, Indiana. Recognized as an industry leader as a manufacturer of products for today’s generation of whitetail deer and predator hunters with lines featuring scent elimination products and premium deer attractants. SEEMZ Technology has been in the forefront of research and product improvement since its inception and continues to push the envelope to provide more technologically advanced products for today’s hunting industry.

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