New Year’s Planning
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It’s 2012.

For some folks, it’s the beginning of the end.  In December of this year, according to some “experts”, the Mayan calendar predicts the end of the world.  Of course there are other interpretations.  I won’t go there, but for what it’s worth, I believe in living every day as if it will be my last.

Nevertheless, I’ve got a lot to look forward to in the coming year and I’m a little excited.

Of course, it’s not news that I’ve just bought my first piece of Texas property.  I’ll be spending some time down there over the next several months, getting it ready for the big move.  I don’t have a hard and fast timeline yet, but I have sort of nailed down early fall for relocation.  Anybody looking for a cozy, 3-bedroom rental in the SF Bay Area?

I have big plans for the property, and lots of work to do, so there’ll be regular trips down there until it’s ready for us to set up housekeeping.  I’ve already written about most of these plans, so I’ll spare the redundancy.

On a smaller scale, I’m looking forward to the 2012 SHOT Show.  It’s coming up in two weeks, and as always I’ll be there, cruising the floor like a shark on the hunt for the hottest new products.  The pre-show Media Day shoot is one of my favorite parts of the event.  Of course I’ll let you all know what I learn about new, lead-free ammunition offerings.  There are still some gaps in the market (e.g. smoothbore shotgun slugs), and maybe someone will start filling them.

In 2011, I didn’t do much hunting at all.  A good bit of my time and money was spent (or, rather, saved) trying to make the Texas move come together.  I didn’t go elk hunting, curtailed my Tejon trips, and even cut back on my weekend trips to Golden Ram properties.  In November I allowed my Golden Ram membership to lapse… a hard call, but the savings will go directly into preparations for Texas.

This year I look forward to making remedy for that, primarily with hunts on my new place.  Pigs, axis deer, and turkeys should keep me busy until whitetail season comes back around.  I’ve also been talking to my brother about planning an elk hunt this year.  There’s even a Tejon hunt or two in the offing.

It’s going to be a full and productive year.

How about you folks?  Big plans for 2012?

Hog Blog MIA?
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Nope, not missing… just busy.  With the holiday travels, finalizing Texas plans, and this silly little thing called work, blogging hasn’t been a high priority this week.

Stay tuned for a fairly significant announcement regarding the future of the Hog Blog (not an April Fool’s joke this time).  2012 promises to be, if nothing else, a different year for me and this blog.  Don’t go away!

Merry Christmas Eve!
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Just a thought for the evening…

Merry Christmas Everyone
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A little Christmas cheer from the Hog Blog!  And yeah, I know… I’m no Vince Gill.

Very Cool Hog Bow Kill Video
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Thanks to Al over at SoCal Bowhunter for bringing this one to light.  Since I haven’t been hog hunting in so long I’m not sure I remember what a wild pig looks like, I figured I’d share this pretty cool video clip.  The hunter has four cameras set up, and edits the shots to show not only the traditional “down the barrel” view, but also provides a “reverse view”, looking back up past the hog to the archer.  It’s a neat trick, and really graphic depiction of what a broadhead does as it goes through a pig.  The shot isn’t ideal, but it’s still effective as you’ll see at the end of the clip.  Check it out!