While this was hardly an exhaustive survey, the current “Favorite Hog Rifle” poll is showing a definite strong running for Remington rifles, followed in a tie by Winchester and Ruger.

While it doesn’t surprise me at all that Remington is leading the pack (their popularity and value are legendary), I am surprised at what I didn’t see.

First, I still haven’t seen any write-ins for some of the other great gunmakers.  Weatherby, Tikka, Howa, and Sako haven’t even made a showing.  A lot of folks may not be aware that Howa and the Weatherby Vanguard are made by the same folks in the same factory.  Likewise, Sako (parent company is Berretta) produces the Tikka rifles.  With this in mind, you can find some great value in these relatively inexpensive versions of their higher-end relations. 

I’m also shocked at the poor showing of one of my favorites, the Savage.  For the price, I challenge you to find a more accurate or reliable rifle than the classic 110 or 111.  The fit and finish don’t compare to the Kimbers or Brownings out there, but for a small fraction of the price, they will flat out shoot! 

Marlin didn’t make a showing either.  I realize that there may not be that many levergun shooters left out there, but I’d have expected at least a couple of 336 users to sing out. 

I’ll leave the poll up a bit longer, just to see if anyone wants to put in a plug for their favorite.  

This whole polling feature is turning out to be quite enlightening.

Note:  I realize this is a bit redundant with the previous post on the poll results.  I will make no excuses nor offer an apology… it’s a slow day.