Got a note from Jon Bryan, over at Outdoor Odyssey blog this morning, to let me know about a story he’d just posted regarding hog hunting and such.  Little did I know I’d expect a story right out of Africa…even if it was actually Abilene.

It seems they were out chasing quail, when all of a sudden the chaser was the chased, so to speak.

In his own words…

The next thing I know, here comes Rooster fast and right behind him a really big Hog, two hundred and fifty pounds or more! Rooster is heading my way with the Hog in hot pursuit. What to do? No trees to climb. I can’t out run the Hog. Shoot him with my trusty, twenty gauge, Skeet Grade, Remington 870, loaded with number eight shot? Since Hogs have a thick, muscle like covering, over their shoulders and head, bird shot wouldn’t faze him, and my trusty twenty- two magnum, Ruger Single Six, was back in the truck.

Read the story yourself, to find out how this came to be, and how it turned out.