Early last month I got an email from Cody Weiser, owner/publisher of Wild Boar USA magazine.  Cody asked if I’d seen his magazine, and if not, if I’d like to take a look.  Always interested in reading more about hog hunting, I replied and said, “sure!  I’d love to take a look.”

Here’s how Cody describes his magazine:

We are a family run Christian company that focuses on grass roots hog hunting.  Our magazine carries a tips-n-tactics style theme while covering hog-doggin’, firearms, archery, and trapping aspects of hog hunting each issue.  100% full color down-to-earth, useful information that is ALL hog hunting.

No “paid-for” advertisement type articles.  More “how-to’s” that focus on what works on hogs.  Tons of great reader’s pics as well.  

Well, I’m more of a secular kind of guy, so the self-described, “Christian Company” aspect kind of raised a flag.  But then again I certainly can appreciate solid family values, no matter where they’re based, and besides… it’s hog hunting!  When the package came with three back issues of the magazine, I could hardly wait to get the envelope open.  

It was worth the excitement.  In those three issues I found some great, home-grown writing.  As “advertised”, there’s a lot of excellent hog hunting knowledge and first hand stories.   I really enjoyed the read, and will be getting in touch with Cody about a full subscription.  Check out their website, and if you like what you see, drop Chris a line and get a subscription for yourself!