It’s been a while since I did a Porcine Press, so thought I’d do a little digging around today.  Sure enough, there’s a bunch of stuff out there.  Seemed to be a little trend of “adventurous” tales in the group, so guess what them I decided on for today?

So let’s get started!

First of all, in the UK’s Times Online there’s a great column by a writer who dreams of hogging the spotlight, so to speak, in the pursuit of manly game.  It’s funny as hell, in a British way, so I think you’ll enjoy it. 

Reading on, I found this one!  How exciting!  According to this Reuters/UK article, wild pigs are frightening tourists in Hangzhou, China, so professional hunting teams have been called in with orders to kill!  Apparently there have been no injuries or actual attacks, but the pigs are not welcome in the region. 

A quick Google search on wild pigs and China reveal that this is not a new issue, and the rapidly expanding hog population, combined with very limited hunting opportunities for the citizens, has resulted in a pretty big increase in human/hog conflicts.  Give those people some guns, and let them hunt! 

And finally, here’s one that IS an adventure story.  Not only that, but it’s well told and fun to read.  An American in France is invited on a wild boar hunt.  What he’s not told is that he gets to play the hound, rather than the hunter.  It gets better from there! 

Stay tuned for more from the wild, wild world of wild boar and feral pigs in the next edition of The Porcine Press!