Sometime in the relatively recent past, I think I wrote that the HogBlog would not spend a lot of time on politics or politically charged issues.  Well, this lead ammo ban needs coverage, so I’m covering it…  but in case you feel like you need a break, here’s a little hog hunting news from around the blogosphere.

My friend, Rex, at the Deer Camp Blog keeps me up to date with breaking local news and oddities out Mississippi way.  He recently posted up about a real nice, 308lb boar taken by his cousin’s son, Dean Lammey, up near Abbeville, MS. 

It’s one heck of a nice hog.  I don’t know why people think they’re ugly.

Lammey Hog - Taken in Abbeville, MS

Rex also reminded me of an unusual beast displayed on the Hunting Pressure blog

Tusked deer?  Antlered boar?  Hmmm…

OK, so it’s just a taxidermist gone a bit mad with spare parts, but still… this could be the evolution of the next big hunting craze!  I can see it now, agressive, man-eating deer! 

I wonder what caliber I should use to hunt these guys?