It’s been a while since I’ve posted up a Porcine Press, but it seemed like today was a good day.  The main reason, of course, is that I’m on the road and needed easy content.  The other reason, was this article I found in, of all places, Forbes magazine online

In the article, the writer is a New York journalist who’s never done any hunting of anything more substantial than, as he puts it, a lobster at the supermarket.  On assignment in New Guinea, he somehow finds himself embarked on a wild boar hunt with some native folk.  Pretty cool, and very well written. 

In other pork-related news, Pennsylvania has made it official, feral swine can now be shot on-sight as pests.  Some of you may remember the fiasco when some folks with an anti-hunting agenda challenged the state’s responsibility to protect wild boar as game animals.  The initial attempt was made to stop preserve hunts, but it turned into a real mess as the state suddenly found itself in the position of creating a whole new set of regulations governing feral hogs and wild boar.  This relatively recent article from the Allentown Morning Call online edition lays out the details of the ruling, and what it means to hog hunters in the Keystone State.

There’s a lot more going on out there.  If I get a chance this weekend, I’ll offer an update to this edition of the Porcine Press.  If I don’t… well… we’ll catch up next time content is slow and I’m not hunting.