Well, looks like I didn’t get a chance to post anything at all yesterday, and for that I apologize… a little bit.  Got back from my visit to NC and hit the ground running Monday.  Getting back into the work mode has been a little challenging, although it’s nice to be working again.  There’s only so much sitting around a person can do.

Anyway, while I’m still putting together the second part of my Tejon hunt video, I thought ya’ll might enjoy these two bits put together by Jesse, from Jesse’s Hunting and Outdoors.  He came out just to video the festivities, as it were, and was able to get some pretty nice stuff. 

Check out part 2, where about six of us have a ringside seat to watch my friend, Scott Plunkett, make the move on a nice hog across the canyon.  I don’t know if he realized he had a peanut gallery along on his hunt, but he made good!

And yeah, the HogBlog guy makes an appearance.  I’m such a ham!

Before I do any more stupid puns, here’s the video.  Enjoy!