OK, that title sure sounds vain, but here’s the point.  We’re trying something new at the HogBlog.  Maybe you noticed it, a little link at the top of the page, just above the title of this post. 

It says “Be a Sponsor”. 

It seems a little thing, just three words.  Be a sponsor. 

But it’s not a small thing.  It shows that you support what I’m doing here, sharing my stories, collecting knowledge, and providing news and information… all about my favorite big game animal, the wild hog.  If you spend much time here, you probably feel the same about these big, ugly, mean animals that I do. 

Now I could get right down on my knees and make up some story about how sponsorship could help me feed my family, or keep a roof over our heads.  I could go on about how I need a little extra cash to help send a struggling child through school.  Or maybe even how I really need some extra ducats to keep the server running.

But that’s all lies.  I wouldn’t do that to ya… my family is doing fine, our house is fine, and I don’t even pay to run the servers.  That’s Skinny Moose Media’s job. 

A little extra cash to finance my next hog hunt, or to try out some new gear… that’s a good thing.  A little premium ad placement to benefit your business can’t be bad.  Win-win, right? 

Anyway, if you enjoy this blog and want to do a little extra advertising for your business, click the link.  Check out the prices, they’re not bad.  And if it feels right to you, go for it. 

If not, no worries.  I’ll still bring you the HogBlog the same way I always do.  You’re still welcome here.  My children don’t really need to have a hot supper every night.