Just thought I’d have a quick look around and mention that, here at the HogBlog we definitely don’t have a corner on the porcine pursuits.  Some of my blogroll friends are out there filling the freezer too.

For example Jeff at Lowcountry Hunting is whacking and stacking them down in South Carolina.  Here’s a little instructional bit he just wrote about hunting near water as the weather warms up.  Check it out here.

Not sure what this one is all about, but that’s often the case when I drop in to visit Rex’s Deer Camp Blog.  I know he’s got some hogs running around that place, though, and one day I’m gonna have to catch a plane out there and see about helping to remove one or two from the habitat.

Of course you already know the NorCal Cazadora has put her toe in the pig hunting pool, and I think she’s about ready to dive on in too.  She’s written, not only a lead-in and a two-part story about the hunt, she just posted up a really good post-mortem as well.

Rich Fletcher, a near-neighbor and hunting landowner often writes about hunting hogs on his blog, however this post is about a different kind of hog… the warthog.  These suckers sure are ugly, but they’re ugly in a kinda cool way.  I can see why the trophy hunters like them, but I guess I’ve never really heard anyone talk about eating one.   I bet they’re good, though.  Anything that ugly has gotta taste good. 

That’s about it for now, although if you’re out there chasing wild hogs, send me your story and pictures.  I don’t have any cool giveaway stuff right now, but if it’s appropriate, I’ll certainly put you on the HogBlog!