As we continue to monitor the swine invasion, it looks like Colorado, despite laws against importing wild boar, or making any money from hunting feral or wild pigs, is still seeing a growing population in the state.  In the southeastern part of the state, it’s logical to think the hogs are moving up from neighboring states.  It’s a normal spread.

But as I just read in this article in the Grand Junction Sentinel, the mighty, Rocky Mountains are apparently posing no barrier either. 

Ron Velarde, the Division of Wildlife Northwest Regional Manager in Grand Junction, confirmed the presence of wild hogs on Grand Mesa. Miller guessed there as many as 200 wild or feral pigs on Grand Mesa.

“We don’t know how many hogs are up there, but we’ve been somewhat successful in trapping them,” Velarde said. “Our concern is the damage they can do to deer and turkey habitat.”

The source of the pigs is still a huge mystery.  According to sources in the article, people have been seeing hogs in the Grand Mesa area for many years, but no one knows where they came from. 

Hmm… something to do after my elk hunt next year?