Here’s a quickie from the current news.  This is out of Germany.

A wounded wild boar has reportedly killed a German hunter for the first time in modern memory near Postdam.

Apparently the hunter had wounded the boar with a bad shot, and it went to bay in a cornfield.  When his buddy went in after it, the boar charged and sliced the man’s leg open.  Undeterred, the 72 year-old hunter who’d first shot the animal went after it himself.  The boar attacked him next, cutting through an artery. 

Whopper Chopper!

Whopper Chopper!

Editorial comment – Wild boar can be dangerous, and while I’ve often pooh-poohed the suggestion that they should be treated as “dangerous game”, it’s certainly wise to be cautious and respectful.  I’ve seen, first hand, the damage they can do to a dog, and I’ve seen the scars on a couple of friends from their close experiences.  Those tusks are scary-sharp, and the deadly potential is definitely there. 

Be careful, and be smart.