Hey, ya’ll may remember me mentioning Bryson Hesperia Resort.  Owned and operated by Deedy Loftus and her daughter, Karin, it’s a great little place down in the central coast for hogs and turkeys (I guided there a little last year).  There are a lot of birds, and a good number of hogs. 

Anyway, beginning this year, Deedy has been running her hunts semi-guided, and they seem to be doing pretty well.  I’m hoping to get down in April to chase a turkey, but in the meantime, one of my friends from Jesse’s Hunting and Outdoors had a chance to get after the hogs, along with several members of his family.    Lucky for us, they made a little video of the event too. 

So here, for your enjoyment…

Pig Hunting – Bryson Hesperia Resort – March 2009 from Bobby N. on Vimeo.