Big thanks to my friend and President of Coon Camp Springs, Inc., Dave Allen, for sending me the following news clipping from his old home-state, Michigan.  Looks like the swine invasion is going full bore up there…

Here’s a little taste of the article… you can read the rest on the website.

Jim and Tina Boes were settling in to watch the Detroit Tigers game on television Sunday afternoon when they spotted a massive feral hog in the brush behind their home in northern Muskegon County.

Tina said she recognized the beast from an encounter two years ago, when the wild animal chased her and the couple’s dog into their Dalton Township house.

This time, the Boeses prevailed.

They shot and killed not one, but four feral hogs. The largest, a huge female dubbed “Hogzilla,” measured 6 feet, 3 inches from snout to rump, and weighed 514 pounds.

Definitely go check out the picture that goes with this!  That’s one big sow!  It doesn’t look like these guys have been feral all that long, but I’d say the Boeses are pretty well set for pork for the rest of this year (and most of next). 

A couple of notes, in case you don’t read the whole article…

First of all, the hogs are spreading rapidly across Michigan.  According to the writer, feral hogs have been spotted in 64 of MI’s 83 counties, with a population estimated in the range of 3000-5000 animals (and growing quickly).  Michiganders are encouraged to shoot feral hogs, and to report any animals spotted or killed (to report feral hogs in MI, email: [email protected] ). 

Thanks again for sending that along, Dave!