This came in yesterday, but it got bumped by the Peregrine Fund’s lead ammo report.  Oh well…

A few days back, I posted up a news story from Michigan about a couple who’d killed a whole herd of feral hogs in their backyard, including a real monster of a sow.  Well… as Paul Harvey (RIP) put it, here’s the rest of the story

Turns out, the hogs were actually regular escapees from a neighboring farm that had been “terrorizing” the neighborhood for quite a while. 

From the story:

Neighbors of a Muskegon County couple who shot and killed four large feral pigs say the animals are the same ones that have been terrorizing their home. The neighbors believe the pigs escaped from a local farm.

“Those pigs have gotten out several times and they tried to attack me and my mother’s dog”, says Kelly Knife. She couldn’t believe it when she saw the WZZM story about a local couple who shot four pigs. She says they are the same pigs that have been escaping from the farm next door, for years. “It’s so hard to go outside during the summer because you don’t feel safe if they get out.”

Sounds like no one except the farmer is going to be sorry to see the animals go.  Even so, this may dash the hopes of prospective hog hunters in that part of Michigan.  Sorry, Arthur.