Here’s one from the, “Well, I can’t come up with anything on my own,” file. 

I’ve written a time or two about the massive expansion of wild/feral hogs in the States.  Folks in Texas, Florida, and California can certainly say something on that topic.  But from what I just read in the Speigel online news, the US has nothing on Europe when it comes to a wild boar invasion. 

According to the article, German hunters killed somewhere in the neighborhood of 450,000 wild boar over the last season.  In France, another 500,000 were killed, while Poland is lagging with a harvest of around 200,000 hogs.  That’s a lot of pork chops!  But more seriously, that’s a lot of crop damage.

The Spiegel article points out that the spread of the wild boar is possibly due to manmade factors, not the least of which is new agricultural practices.  Approximately 27% of Germany is under cultivation for maize, rape seed, and wheat.  Additionally, due to the recent warm winters, Europe has seen a bumper crop of acorns and chestnuts. 

It’s interesting stuff, no doubt.  I’d definitely recommend giving it a read if you have time.  What happens in Europe can’t be far from happening here too.