Hey, somehow or another another year has flown by. In a few hours I’m headed to San Francisco International to hop a sleigh back home to NC for the holidays.  Gonna spend a little time with the family, and then head down to the Dallas, TX area to ring in the New Year with some of Kat’s family and friends.

I’ll probably be popping in to the blog from time to time over the next week as I mingle vacation and work, and, hopefully a little hunting, over in the Far East (Coast, that is…).  But, just in case I should get totally sidetracked and forget about the blog for a week or so, I wanted to take this opportunity to offer up a really big THANK YOU to all of you who visit the Hog Blog, whether you take an active role in the conversations we have here, or if you’re just cruising through looking for tips and information. 

I also want to wish you all a very merry Christmas, and hope your holidays are full of fun, friends, and loved ones.  Drive carefully if you’re going anywhere, and remember to keep the cork in the bottle until the car keys are put away. 

To any of our country’s servicemen and women who might be reading this while far from home, I offer you my heartfelt thanks for the sacrifice you’re making to serve our country.  If you can’t be home for Christmas, then lord knows I hope you get the chance to reach out to those you love via telephone, web camera, or even a letter written the old-fashioned way.  I also offer my most sincere wish that you’ll be home soon, safe and comfortable in the arms of your family and friends.  Be safe and be well.

Merry Christmas, everyone!