Had a hard time sleeping last night.  Things seem to be coming together for this move to the Texas Hill Country, and my mind was racing around like a hummingbird on a speed jag every time I closed my eyes.

There is a lot to think about.

First, of course, is the hard decision on which place to get.  I made an offer on a 108 acre piece near Leakey, but apparently someone made a better offer and that place is now under contract.  I’m heading back to spend a couple of weeks there at the end of September, and I have no doubt I’ll find and buy a place on that trip.  I know pretty much what I’m looking for, and I have a much better idea of what I need to do to get it.  There’s a ton of land out in Edwards County, and the prices are generally dropping, so the options are pretty wide open.  Unfortunately, those folks in the fourth year of a serious drought, and the land is looking pretty poor right now.  Sooner or later, every drought has to break, but the question is, will it be sooner or later?

And then, do I get a place that already has a house on it, or do I develop it myself?  I’m not planning on living in a mansion, or even a big house, but building from scratch is a pricey proposition.  Maybe a modular home is a better choice?  Could I stand to live in a mobile home?

From there my mind flits to hunting and wildlife.  There’s plenty of free-roaming exotics, as well as native whitetails and turkeys in that part of the state.  The trick is to make my little place more attractive than the places around me.  I’ll need to develop water sources and food.  How much does it cost to maintain a few feeders, and how many do I really need on a relatively small (100-200 acre) property?  Will I need an extra well to supply wildlife water?

And how long before I can get a resident hunting license?  Well, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) website tells me I have to be a resident for six months.  That means that even if I get my place in October, I won’t be able to hunt whitetail as a resident this season.  I’ll also have to pay the non-resident price for a license, apparently even to hunt exotics on my own land… at least until I qualify as a resident.

Then my mind is on to the move itself.  How the hell am I going to get all the crap I have down there, and where will I put it when I arrive?  I guess it’s time to simplify.

On the same topic, leaving CA is certainly a goal, but it’s not a painless one.  I’m looking forward to escaping the pressure-cooker of the SF Bay urban area and relaxing a little bit in the Hill Country, but snipping the ties here in CA carries its own stresses.

And then…

Well, maybe you can see how sleep was hard to come by last night, and why I found myself at 03:00 writing the first lines of this blog post.  It’s an exciting, crazy time.  But now I really just need a nap.