I've spent my lifetime outdoors, hunting, fishing, diving, horseback riding, and pretty much anything else I could find to occupy me.  Over the past 16 years or so, a big part of that passion has become the pursuit of wild hogs.  I've hunted them in both Carolinas, Texas, and my current home of California.

With The Hog Blog, I hope to share some of the excitement and fun, as well as the frustration and torture that hunting these animals can provide.  I'm no expert on sus scrofa, but I've learned a lot... both in the field and from reading and chatting with folks who've got a lot more experience than I do.  There are some great resources out there, and part of my objective is to liaison between them and you, the readers.

But hogs aren't all you'll read about here.  I hunt just about anything that has a season, and keep up on the issues that hunters face around the country.

So come on in, pull up a stump, and join the conversation.  Because that's the other critical part of a blog... participation.