Dead Down Wind Triple Action
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Triple Action Laundry Detergent With 3D and ESP™ Technology

Regular + Carbon + Synthetic +Technical Fiber Approved


     Pleasant Valley, MO – Dead Down Wind®, the industry leader in scent prevention introduces Triple Action 3D Laundry Detergent in a 20 ounce concentrated formula and drain back bottle.  This unique formula controls odor, removes blood stains or other organic stains and even protects against fading or UV glow. Our ESP™ technology is the most effective laundry product for all hunting apparel including synthetics, carbon or technical fibers.

     For the first time, one product does it all removing odor, cleaning, stain removal and garment protection on virtually any type of apparel.  The exclusive ESP™ formula even knocks out chemical odors like earth scents, fresh scents or cover scents and unclogs carbon apparel.  Dead Down Wind’s proprietary formula uses multiple types of enzymes for Broad Spectrum results. For the best results in odor control and to extend the useful life of your apparel use a biological laundry product, not a chemical detergent – use Dead Down Wind. 

     Unlike chemical laundry products, Triple Action Laundry with 3D technology will never cause camouflage patterns to fade, even after repeated washings.  High efficiency washer approved, the concentrated formula only needs one ounce per regular load. You can have the best and save money in the process with Triple Action 3D Laundry Detergent from Dead Down Wind.  With an MSRP of $ 10.99, concentrated 3D Broad Spectrum technology is the only laundry product that does it all, and like every DDW product carries a Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.  (Item Number #1120) 

      Dead Down Wind offers biological solutions that are readily biodegrade and reduce skin sensitivity issues compared to common chemical alternatives. More effective odor control that’s better for you and the great outdoors. 

About Dead Down Wind®:

     Dead Down Wind® is a premium supplier of quality scent prevention products and D2W Guide Gear designed to help outdoor enthusiasts become more successful in the field. Dead Down Wind® revolutionized the scent control industry through the development of a bio-engineered process known as ESP™ (Enzyme Scent Prevention). Unlike cover sprays that can only attempt to mask foreign odors or carbon clothing that only attempts to contain it. Dead Down Winds enzymes go well beyond the scope of typical antimicrobials in both effectiveness and the range of odors controlled.

Leupold's Zero Point Bore Sight Tool
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     It is that time of year again to chase the devil dogs as they try to find a mate in the northern woods of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula.  We have a trip planned for this coming weekend and I haven’t had the varmint rifles to the range since last summer, so since we had some nice weather for a change I decided today it was time to tear some paper.

     It didn’t take long for me to convince my youngest boy to help me get the rifles into the car and load our ammo bag to hit the range.  He was more than happy to help dad with this task, with anything else it would have been a fight to get him out from in front of his video game.

      I knew that the last time I had the AR-15 at the range it was fairly close but that it still needed some work to make sure it was dead on!  I also wanted to make sure that the scopes on the Ruger M/77 HMR .17 and the Ruger M/77 .22 Hornet were just as I left them.  I received a neat little tool to take care of that problem last summer but I have yet to use it to tune the Leupold scope that sits atop of my Bushmaster varmint dispatcher.  The item I’m talking about is the Leupold Zero Point bore-sight tool.  This neat little gadget is a great addition to any shooter’s ammo bag; I don’t think I will ever head out on a hunting trip again or to the shooting range without mine!

     This tool makes sighting in your rifle easy and quick!  If you’ve put a new scope on a gun, just turn on the Zero Point by pushing the slide switch on the side and stick the unit onto the muzzle.  Next look through the scope and you’ll see an orange grid pattern with numbers along the sides.  Move the Zero Point up or down to get the grid located in the center of your scope’s image.  Next, turn the power ring of your scope back and forth (if it’s a variable) to get the best amount of magnification on the grid.  Now orient the Zero Point so the grid and the scope’s crosshairs are aligned both vertically and horizontally.  Then use the scope’s adjustment knobs to move the crosshairs till they’re perfectly aligned with the center of the Zero Point’s grid.

      Once you have everything lined up, take the Zero Point off and fire a shot on target at 100 yards. Chances are the shot will not be dead center but still on the paper somewhere.  Now put the Zero Point back on, and square its grid to the scope’s crosshairs again.  Now look through the scope and get the crosshairs on the center of the target. The Zero Point is so small; you’ll be able to see its grid and the 100 yard target at the same time.  Now use the adjusting knobs and move the scope’s crosshairs over the bullet hole (It’s very important that the gun not move during this process).  The scope is now perfectly zeroed.   Now, replace the Zero Point and see where your crosshairs are in relation to the Zero Point grid, mark this on your range card for future reference, for example at a hunting camp or at the range.  You can recheck your sight for an accurate zero position by comparing your range card to the Zero Point’s grid when placing it on your muzzle without having to test shoot the rifle.

     The cost of this little tool can be equivalent to a pricey box of cartridges.  Think of the time and money it can save you at the range!  I used it today to put three of my scopes dead on at 100 yards to make sure they were ready for this coming weekend’s hunt. 

     Now that we have that out of the way, I turned my youngest boy loose to do some shooting.  He punched holes with precision today and a smile on his face!  What was even better was that we had the range all to ourselves the whole afternoon, we couldn’t have asked for more.  Well maybe a little warmer weather!

Hunting Gloves: Manzella Tracker Gloves
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     Looking for a new pair of hunting gloves that won’t break your budget?  Then the Manzella Tracker hunting gloves might just be the ticket for you.  I’ve recently had the opportunity to try a pair out through an opportunity with which offered me a free pair to try out.

     Once Manzella shipped my pair to me, I was skeptical when I looked at them for the first time.  They felt and looked too thin to provide any real warmth; I soon found out that I was wrong on that thought.  You see living here in Michigan and putting up with some severe winters at times I’ve tried to find a pair of warm and dry gloves that would do just that, keep me warm and dry.  The ones that I have found in the past that provided any warmth at all were always bulky which made it hard to grip anything.

     My first test run came on the day I received them.  I headed to work that evening with a temperature in the single digits and dropping!  The car I drive provides little to no heat so keeping my hands warm is a must, what better way to test the new gloves.  On my 20 minute drive my digits never felt the first hint of being cold; as a matter of fact they were really warm.  Ok so they passed the warmth test for 20 minutes.

     I was worried about how dry could they really keep my hands out in the cold elements so I decided to take them ice fishing the next weekend.  With drilling holes in the ice along with dipping the holes clean and doing what ice fisherman do these gloves were going to get wet!  Usually I wind up pulling a wet pair of gloves off and just throwing them in a bucket after an hour on the ice, but not this day!  I was surprised that the gloves not only kept me warm for hours on end but they kept me dry as well.  As you can see in the photo, a thin layer of ice formed on the finger tips of the glove and my hands were warm and dry.

     I also found out that since these gloves were fairly thin, they also provided good dexterity while wearing them.  Now I couldn’t bait a hook, but reeling in fish wasn’t a problem.  I found that I could use all of my outdoor gear that day with no problem of bulky materials getting in the way.

     My last effort to try and make these gloves fail was to use them for a couple of hours on a snow blower after a 10 inch snowfall.   I thought maybe with all of the vibration while pushing the big blower it might work the seams loose or pop a thread.  NOPE!  They are as tight as a bug in a rug!  So despite my best efforts of trying to make them fail in some way or another they performed flawlessly. 

     So down to the brass tacks on this one, they retail for $35.00 on their webpage .  To me that is a fair price to pay for a warm, dry and dependable pair of gloves! 

The tech side of them: 

                The Shell:  is water repellant micro poly twill

                The Palm:  is synthetic suede

                The Lining:  is fleece lined

                The Insulation:  100 grams of Thinsulate X-Static

                The Insert:  Hydroblok WPB

                Patterns:  Mossy Oak Treestand and Realtree AP camo

Other features:

     Two of the things I really liked about these gloves were the elastic gathers with cynch straps around the wrist area that made them nice and snug around your hands along with the string gathers at the mouth of the glove that provided a tight fit to keep cold and snow out of them!  The string gathers allowed you to pull the glove over the end of your coat sleeves and close off any opportunity for anything to enter the gloves!

     I didn’t get to really try out the exclusive MOC trigger finger feature as of yet.  My endeavors to hit the coyote trails have been a bust so far this season.  I still hope to get out and give them a try and if I do I will update this report. 


     I can only find two things that I didn’t like about the gloves and are not that big of a deal.  When pulling the gloves off, you can feel the inside material of the fingers begins to pull backwards as you slip your hand out of them.  I think if they somehow sewed or tacked each end of the inside finger material to the inside of the outer shell it would help secure them from wanting to pull backwards.  The other thing is that I would like to see some other material than synthetic suede on the palms.  I know that after a while that material tends to break down.  Although after running the snow blower for a few hours straight, they held up with no noticeable wear.  I would have thought that the stitching would have pulled loose from the material from all the vibration, tugging and pulling but it didn’t.

The Grade:  1 through 10 (1 = fail and 10 = excellent)

Quality:  8.5 (would be a 9 except for the finger problem mentioned above)

Warmth:  10

Dryness:  10

Dexterity/Fit:  9

Other Features:  9

     Overall if you’re looking for a good pair of gloves I recommend spending the $35 for these gloves.  I’ve spent $30 on several pair of gloves with poor results, but these are definitely worth the money!


     I have received these Manzella Tracker Gloves free of charge to test and review.  The opinions expressed above are my independent thoughts and experiences.

Avoidable Hunting Accidents
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     We’ve all been there and done it, a post hunting ride gone terribly wrong!  These mishaps are avoidable if we just take a little time to play it safe.  A friend of mine from England – Matt Goodlife, shows us an example of what can go wrong from something so innocent as a ride back from the field.

Matt Goodlife – England

     I don’t really remember if any deer came out on this particular evening, in fact I don’t think I saw anything which was a shame as it may have changed the outcome of the ride back home.  If I can get the landrover to where the deer has been shot that’s how I retrieve them if not I use the farm quad bike to get them back to the larder.

     On this night I have nothing to load up as I walk back to the bike.  I fire it up and head for home which is a 3 minute ride.  The ride home can be a cold one after sitting in a highseat for two hours not moving then add the cold wind from being on the bike and you really look forward to a hot shower.

     I’ve gone through one field and into the second with just a road to cross then up the farm track, park the quad and that shower.  It’s a ride I’ve taken a hundred times so maybe the brain slipped into auto pilot this night as I find myself heading into the corner of the field to fast and running out of room!  I hit the brakes.  Now most of the time there would have been some rain about so the soil would be wet and the bike would just slid but not this night. The wind has dried the ground so the bike grips and that’s where the fun starts!

     I’m now airborne and the ground is ready to hurt me as I hurtle towards it but that’s not my main problem!  The bike is also in mid air doing a back flip and heading my way fast!  I knew I had to hit the ground and start rolling.  As I hit the ground I roll as fast as I can as the rear of the bike meets the deck just where a second ago my head was!

     The bike upside down is still running, I pick myself up and drag it back onto its wheels.  That’s when I think about my rifle that was sat in the front basket.  The stock is now a worthless piece of fire wood, snapped at the pistol grip.  Later a friend makes me realise that I can get a new stock but not a new head!

     Through a shooting friend I get the name of a gunsmith and he builds me a new walnut stock for $400.  He did a fantastic job, the grain in the walnut is just beautiful.  I now take my time on the bike and I’m not so heavy on the throttle!

New Trail Camera System From Leupold!
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    Now that we are a little over a month from the ATA show that was  in Indianapolis last January, I have had time to reflect on the new items that were on display there this year.  I have to say the one thing that created the most excitement for me this year was the new Trail Camera System from Leupold!

     This system is like nothing you’ve ever seen before!  The central part of the camera system is the exclusive hand held USB controller/viewer that plugs right into the trail camera!  Yes this camera has its own GUI (General User Interface), trail cameras have gone hi-tech!  You can now check your cameras without even touching them other than to plug in the USB cable to see what trophy animals you have on your SD card! 

     The controller offers more than a simple plug and download feature for your camera, it also gives you a real-time look at your camera’s field of view.  How many times have you placed your camera only to get an obstructed view photo of an animal you would like to see more of?  With the controller you can go into live mode to see that your camera is placed correctly through its 3″ LCD c0lor display screen.  If your camera alignment is off, simply adjust it and re-secure it where it needs to be to give you those perfect photos.

     With the controller you can also manipulate the camera’s settings to what works best for your situation in the field.  It also allows you to view, download, and reset your SD card photos in your camera.  Then take the controller home and download those photos onto your PC!  With this controller you will no longer have to take your camera down to get your SD card out to swap it out with a fresh one only to have to realign the camera again!  It makes your trips to the field to check your cameras quick, easy and hassle free!

     Leupold has put as much thought into their cameras as they have the controller!  They offer two models of cameras that will work with the controller, the RCX-1 and the RCX-2!  The RCX-1 comes with basic features that will allow any outdoors man to obtain surveillance photos of the game that is in his hunting area!  The RCX-1 offers an 8 mega-pixel camera with a 54° wide angle lens with a 45° sensor area that can be triggered up to 45 feet away!  It offers 36 Infrared LEDs for catching those nocturnal bucks and a trigger speed of less than one second!  The RCX-1 additionally has a video setting if you want moving pictures instead of stills!  No more ears and rears, you can now catch more photos of racks to see what’s tearing up your area! 

     If your looking for a camera that has more adjust-ability built in, then the RCX-2 is for you!  The RCX-2 has a 10 mega-pixel camera with dual trigger area adjustment on a 54° wide angle lens.  Set it for 10° sensing area for those long narrow runways or 45° sensing area for those wide food plots!  The maximum trigger range is from 45 feet on the wide angle to 90 feet on the narrow angle.   The Infrared system has an additional 12 LEDs on the 10° setting for a total of 48 for those night shots!  Wish you could have both the narrow trigger area and wide trigger area views available?  Well the RCX-2 is the only camera that has a dual-trigger system that allows for both simultaneously!  As for the video, do you wish you had audio to go with that clip of a huge buck tearing up a tree near your camera?  Well this camera has the audio to go along with the video to complete the clip of that trophy animal!  The RCX-2 is truly a customizable camera that you can adjust to fit your needs in the field!

     Both cameras run on 8 AA Lithium batteries for months on end.  An optional rechargeable battery kit is also available.  The RCX-2 comes with a Lock-Down Security Plate that allows for heavy gauge cable locks to be used for security and it is available for purchase for the RCX-1 models as well.  Both camera models and the controller interface are made of ABS/polycarbonate outer shells that offers strength and protection against the weather elements.

     By now you’re probably saying, “OK this is a great system, but a camera that offers that many options has to be expensive?”  Wrong!  This camera system is very affordable for anyone wanting a quality set up like this!  The RCX-2 system with the Controller Interface is going to retail for $299.00.  Every additional RCX-2 Camera that you want to add to the set up will be at a cost of $249.00 each.  You say that you don’t need that much adjust-ability?  Then the RCX-1 system with the Controller Interface is going to retail for $249.00 and every additional RCX-1 camera is going to be $199.00 each.  With this system you can truly mix and match camera models to fit your price range and needs!  Look for the RCX Trail Camera System to start showing up in your Leupold dealer sometime near June.

     It is obvious that Leupold has taken the time to put the same quality and dependability into their trail camera system as they do their optics!  I’m truly excited about putting these cameras into the field this year to see just what animals are running through my area!  Thanks to Tim Lesser, Product Line Developer at Leupold for taking the time to show us another great product from Leupold!

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