Much time and effort has gone into studies and reports regarding the benefits of being out in nature only to confirm what your parents and grandparents already knew. Being outdoors is just good for you.

Information from the US Fish and Wildlife site states that research shows children who feel connected to nature have better physical, mental and emotional health. A study by Marc Berman, a psychologist at the University of Michigan cited in the “Boston Globe”, reports that “when (children) are surrounded by trees and animals (they) are less likely to have behavioral problems and are better able to focus on a particular task.”
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All the studies indicate that children (and adults) engaged in outdoor activities are more focused, more motivated to learn and achieve and get higher grades and test scores. Likewise, studies suggest that families that interact together outdoors create lasting bonds by making life-long memories.

During the National Go Outdoors Event going on at 52 Bass Pro Shops store locations from May 21st through May 31st , the company is offering kids and adults all kinds of ways to get off their couches and go enjoy the great outdoors. Exciting free events include canoe and kayak demonstrations, casting contests, rock climbing walls, GPS classes, kid’s crafts, outdoor skills workshops on boating safety, Dutch oven cooking, outdoor survival training and much, much more. (Events will vary per store. Please visit and select individual store location for events listing.) There’s even a chance to win a sweepstakes package with a retail value of nearly $9,000.00.

“One of the most exciting and invigorating places to go this summer is just beyond your front door,” said Larry Whiteley, Bass Pro Shops Manager of Communications. “Bass Pro Shops is committed to helping adults and children across the nation put away their laptops, video games, and cell phones and head outdoors. Whether it’s fishing, hiking through a local park, or simply laying on your lawn watching the stars at night, there are so many great things to do outdoors this summer.”

Bass Pro Shops’ National Go Outdoors Event is a way to give kids (and adults) the chance to learn about the outdoors and the reason why is simple. Kids need this chance to re-connect with the outdoors to learn valuable lessons -how to swim, how to camp, first aid, survival techniques, orienteering, conservation-but more importantly, to become good stewards of the land and its natural resources, to feel good about themselves and to improve their general health and well-being.

If you’re already looking ahead to summer and wondering what you are going to do with the kids, don’t forget to investigate summer programs that your local Park Board, YMCA, or Boys Scouts and Girls Scouts offer that will help them benefit from being outside. In the meantime, begin with Bass Pro Shops’ National Go Outdoors Event at your local Bass Pro Shops store location.

While at Bass Pro Shops, register to win the “Ultimate Outdoor Package.” One National Grand Prize will be awarded to one winner nationwide and has a retail value of nearly $9,000.00. The Grand Prize consists of an Arctic Cat 550, Ascend Kayak FS10, XPS 30L dry bag, fishing vest, Magic paddle, Autoloader and an API ATV bag. Each store location will select a first place winner who will receive a gift package with a retail value of $545.00. See store for more details.

This year, commit to getting outdoors with your kids for all your health’s sake. Visit Bass Pro Shops during the National Go Outdoors Event, interact with your family in the great outdoors and make some memories to last a lifetime.

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