World Champion shooter, Bruce Piatt won the Two Man and Three Man Team Event in the Open Division of the 2010 Sportsman’s Team Challenge National Championships for the fourth year in a row. Held at the National Shooting Complex in San Antonio, Texas, the course of fire consists of six events, the Rifle, Combo, Pistol, Flush, Flurry and Mixed Bag involving reactive steel targets and aerial clay targets using .22 rimfire rifles, pistols and centerfire pistols.

Piatt commented, “SunBuster’s Orange Plus lenses definitely had a positive impact when I was shooting on cloudy days; the clay targets just popped out against the background and were so much easier to see. I switched to the Clear lens when I was shooting the metal targets because the clarity and distortion free vision that SunBuster lenses provide, give me that added edge.”

Steve Asman, SunBuster’s president said, “The Massey family is passionate in organizing the Sportsman Team Challenge so both professional shooters and recreational shooters can experience this multi-gun event. We congratulate Bruce as he continues to dominate the Two Man National Title along with fellow teammate Robert Massey. SunBuster’s ShotReader lenses worn by Bruce and Robert provided them with maximum visual acuity because they’re designed to sit right and fit right so shooters will See Better and Shoot Better™.”

SunBuster has designed The Maverick™ and The Dude™, two lightweight frames specifically designed for the shooter. Both models provide a comfortable fit for all-day wearing. Each model includes an interchangeable lens system of five lenses scientifically created to enhance and maximize the shooter’s ability to perform under different lighting and target presentations in competitive shooting. The first lens system is the Pistol/Indoor system and the second is the Shooting/Hunting system. Each system offers a patented, lightweight, rimless insert, which sits behind the lens, available in a wide range of prescriptions. Additional custom colored lenses are available to add to either of the systems for enhanced levels of shooting.

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