Its championship shooting, reloading, what to do after you shoot and more, this week on Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk (R) Radio, the only nationally-syndicated radio talk show about guns and the shooting sports. It’s a full slate, and the guests this week cover the full spectrum in shooting.

Cheaper than Dirt’s Andrew Sypien talks with show host Tom Gresham Sunday about the company that sells everything from ammo and reloading supplies to holsters and optics, and now, firearms.

Bill Garrett, Operations Manager at Tapco, Inc. stops by Gun Talk to talk with Tom. Tapco moved from a retail company to a wholesale company a few years ago, allowing them to focus on the U.S. manufacturing of components for shotguns and rifles, including AKs, ARs, and SKSs.

Shotgun shell reloading is big, and getting bigger as shooters discover the huge cost savings they can enjoy by “rolling their own” ammo. Dave Kern, with MEC Reloaders, explains how to get into reloading, what it costs, and exactly how much money shooters save. When pressed, though, Dave has been known to admit that rather than save money, after they take up handloading, many shotgunners just shoot more for the same money.

Alan Korwin, owner and operator of and Bloomfield Press, has authored another book, After You Shoot. The 13th book penned by Korwin, After You Shoot examines the questions of what one should do after a self-defense shooting has occurred – from calling 911 to what to say to the police. His advice is controversial, to say the least, but it’s sure to give listeners much to think about.

As a member of Team Springfield, Rob Leatham knows all the Springfield Armory products, and has the scoop on what’s new for 2011. He’ll be announcing some new guns from Springfield, which will also be featured on the Gun Talk Television.

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