Wildlife Forever and Jay N. Darling Legacy Center Unveil Songbird Art Contest™
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Wildlife Forever and Jay N. Darling Legacy Center Unveil Songbird Art Contest™

White Bear Lake, MN –  Wildlife Forever is proud to announce the Songbird Art Contest™ as the newest opportunity to connect the public to the outdoors using the Art of Conservation™. In partnership with the Jay N. Darling Legacy Center based in Des Moines, Iowa, this competition is inspired by the legacy of artist and conservationist Jay Norwood Darling, encouraging participants to learn about North American Songbird Species and inspiring the next generation of stewards.

Throughout history, North America has been home to a tremendous diversity of bird species. Since the 1960s, Songbird populations in North America have dropped 29 percent over historic averages. Three billion birds have been lost and many species of songbirds are at risk of becoming endangered. While one single factor cannot be attributed to these losses, the data is clear that public awareness and education about this critical issue is needed now, more than ever.

The Songbird Art Contest™ will focus on conservation education and will be open to all ages with a strong focus on youth engagement. Participants will be required to submit an original piece of artwork accompanied by an essay detailing the unique characteristics of their chosen bird species and conservation needs. Participants will have until November 30th of each year to submit their entry to the contest by mail to Wildlife Forever. Winners being announced on National Bird Day, January 5th. The Songbird Art Contest™ is looking for additional partners and sponsors to kick off the contest, opening on May 1st, 2021.

Sam Koltinsky, Director of Legacy Development at the Jay N. Darling Legacy Center remarked, “The Songbird Art Contest™ will steward Darling’s legacy by connecting young people with nature through the arts. Building stewardship through conservation education will empower future generations to ensure the legacy of wise use of our natural resources.”

“The Art of Conservation has been one of the greatest models to transform public awareness of natural resources around the world. Educating the public on how to help recover North America’s songbird population with the Songbird Art Contest™ will create lasting benefits, ensuring the future conservation of songbirds,” said Pat Conzemius, President and CEO of Wildlife Forever.

For more information about the Songbird Art Contest visit: SongbirdArtContest.org

To learn about how you can support the Songbird Art Contest, contact Julia Luger at [email protected]

About Songbird Art Contest: The Art of Conservation® Songbird Art Contest™ is a new art competition created in partnership with the Jay N. Darling Legacy Center, focused on sharing the wonder and species diversity of North American songbirds. To enter, artists create an original illustration of any North American Songbird Species and written words detailing its habitat, and efforts to conserve it. Entries are judged in five age levels: Kindergarten-3rd grade, 4th-6th grade, 7th-9th grade, 10th-12th grade and adults 18 years and older. The Songbird Art Contest will kick off May 1st, 2021. Learn more at SongbirdArtContest.org

About Wildlife Forever: Our mission is to conserve America’s wildlife heritage through conservation education, preservation of habitat and management of fish and wildlife. Wildlife Forever is a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to investing resources on the ground. Recent audits reveal that 94% of every dollar supports our award-winning conservation programs. Please, Join Today and learn more about the Fish Art Contest™, Clean Drain Dry Initiative™ and Prairie City USA® at  www.WildlifeForever.org.

About Jay N. Darling Legacy Center: The Jay N. Darling Legacy Center, based in Des Moines, Iowa, is a non-profit friends group to support, enhance and champion Jay N. Darling’s legacy and the Darling Institute at Drake University. Jay Norwood Darling (1876-1962), was a 20th century two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist, a journalist, an artist, a conservation activist and an advocate of sport hunting and fishing.  Darling spent his life promoting the wise use of our natural resources and pursuing concrete actions to keep these values vibrant and alive. Darling left an extraordinary footprint across our nation’s landscape that inspires the work of the Jay N. Darling Legacy Center. Learn more at www.jayndarlinglegacycenter.org/

Contact: Julia Luger [email protected]

NSSF Announces Fall #RangeChallenge ‘Aiming for Autumn’ Series for Ranges
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NSSF Announces Fall #RangeChallenge ‘Aiming for Autumn’ Series for Ranges

NEWTOWN, Conn. – NSSF®, the trade association for the firearm industry, is pleased to announce the launch of the new #RangeChallengeSM “Aiming in Autumn” target game for use by indoor and outdoor ranges across the country.

Building on the success of the #RangeChallenge Summer Series, which debuted during August’s National Shooting Sports Month® and concluded on the last day of summer, this fun activity was developed to encourage range participation and mentorship by shooters of all experience levels. It offers a distinct challenge to those who regularly participate in the shooting sports, while offering a highly entertaining and easy introduction to target shooting for those new to firearms. Supported by weekly prize giveaways, host ranges participating in the #RangeChallenge Summer Series said their customers enjoyed the target games and can’t wait to do it again.

“We know that getting the millions of people who purchased their first firearm this year educated about safety, basic handling skills and safe storage are paramount tasks for our industry. But just as important is showing them that target shooting can provide a lifetime of enjoyment,” said Zach Snow, NSSF Director, Retail & Range Business Development. “Whether they go on to shoot formal competitions or merely discover the joys of honing newly acquired skills, the #RangeChallenge is one way to encourage these new gun owners to take up regular practice time on the range.”

The #RangeChallenge “Aiming for Autumn” Series runs through Dec. 29 at 11:59 p.m. To shoot the target, consumers can locate a host range with the #RangeChallenge targets in their area or download and print the target themselves. It takes just 10 rounds to complete the challenge. To enter a target to win one of the weekly giveaways, all participants need to do is post a picture with their target to Instagram using the #RangeChallenge hashtag.

Ranges interested in becoming #RangeChallenge Aiming for Autumn hosts should contact Zach Snow at [email protected] to receive a complementary package of challenge-series targets and promotional materials while supplies last. Those ranges agreeing to host the “Aiming for Autumn” series will also be included on #RangeChallenge Series Host Map on LetsGoShooting.org.


About NSSF

NSSF is the trade association for the firearm industry. Its mission is to promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports. Formed in 1961, NSSF has a membership of thousands of manufacturers, distributors, firearms retailers, shooting ranges, sportsmen’s organizations and publishers nationwide. For more information, log on to www.nssf.org.

Media contact:
Bill Brassard
203-426-1320 ext. 212

Now Available: Standalone Red Dot Ready Slides from LTT
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Now Available: Standalone Red Dot Ready Slides from LTT

PHOENIX, AZ (Oct. 21, 2020) – You asked for it and Langdon Tactical Technology (LTT) listened. The standalone 92 Elite LTT Red Dot Optic Ready Slide (Full-Size) is now available for purchase.

“We’ve taken our Red Dot Ready Optic Cut for the 92 slides and made it available as a complete stand-alone slide,” says, Ernest Langdon, President and CEO of Langdon Tactical. “You can now upgrade almost any 92 series pistol to take a red dot.” The slides are built-out with a front sight post and adapter plate already installed. Consumers will need to use their existing barrel, guide rod and recoil spring, however, Langdon added, “We would encourage customers to replace their locking block and barrel with a complete barrel assembly for proper fit with a brand new slide.”

Bolt on your choice of RMR patterned micro-red dot, assemble slide to your frame, and zero your pistol. It will work on all full-size 92 FS models and forward, Brigadiers and M9A1 frames.

About Langdon Tactical Technology
Langdon Tactical Technology creates customized confidence by making great firearms extraordinary. LTT puts the art and skill of craftsmen to work for a better fit finish, and optimize all the pieces and parts that mass production and assembly can never reproduce. The result is a firearm that gives ultimate confidence tailored to the shooter.


Bill Vitiello
P: 941.323.6554
E: [email protected]


XS Sights Introduces New Ambassadors
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XS Sights Introduces New Ambassadors

Fort Worth, TX – XS® Sights is proud to announce that Michelle Waldran and Jen Blake have been named XS Ambassadors. As ambassadors, they will support the company’s social media efforts and help bring awareness to women about the importance of learning firearms safety and training for self-defense.

Born in Seoul, South Korea, Michelle Waldran now lives in Oklahoma and was first introduced to handguns at age 14 when visiting her uncle on summer break. She is now a certified NRA pistol instructor, Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (CLEET) handgun instructor, and Oklahoma Self-Defense Act instructor. Waldran is also a member of Team Walther Arms.

“The more I learned over the years attending advanced concealment courses, the more aware I became that a minor detail such as sights can influence the outcome of a critical encounter,” said Waldran. “After a lot of research, I ordered XS F8 Night Sights. These made a world of difference in my target acquisition throughout various defensive shooting drills. Especially the one hand reload drill. The rear sight posts are rock solid and can be used to rack the slide one handed on any surface. Their tag line – The Fastest Sights in Any Light – is true. They are incredibly fast and much easier to see in day and night than standard sights. I’m proud to be an ambassador and help spread the word about the advantages XS Sights provide when it comes to self-defense.”

An avid participant in 3-Gun competitions, Jen Blake is a concealed carry instructor and appointed NRA Counselor who teaches and certifies students to become NRA Instructors in southern Ohio. She has traveled the country training women to use firearms safely and enjoys helping grow women participation in gun ownership whether for protection, hunting, or shooting sports. Blake is the mother of two boys and understands the need to be responsibly armed.

“The most rewarding part of my job is helping families feel proficient with their shooting skills and giving them the confidence to feel safe knowing they can defend themselves,” said Blake. “I am extremely excited to be an ambassador for XS Sights. They’re #1 in quick sight acquisition which is extremely important, especially in moments where every second counts. I’ve also found while teaching, the unique design of XS Sights has been a very easy sight picture for new shooters to comprehend over other types of sights.”

Zack Kinsley, Marketing Manager for XS Sights, said, “We are delighted to have Michelle and Jen as XS Ambassadors and know their efforts will help us bring awareness to even more women about the importance of learning firearms safety and training for self-defense. These ladies embody the core behind our business. If your fundamentals are bad, great night sights or any sights for that matter won’t correct the problem. We will lean on them to drive home the drills and training for so many women, as they already do, and also help those shooters discover the XS brand benefits. These ladies are down to earth. You know where they stand, and we relate to and appreciate those qualities here at XS Sights.”

For more information, visit www.xssights.com.

About XS Sights

XS Sights is known for making the fastest sights in any light. For more than 20 years, the XS team has created some of the most innovative sights on the market today for pistols, rifles, and shotguns. Whether used for personal defense or hunting, these sights are designed and built to be the absolute best for their specific purpose. American Made. Texas Proud. 2A Strong.

Media Contact:

Shannon Jackson
Shannon Jackson Public Relations
(804) 343-3608
[email protected]


T.R.U. Ball and AXCEL Doubles Partnership with USA Archery for 2021
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T.R.U. Ball and AXCEL Doubles Partnership with USA Archery for 2021

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado – USA Archery is thrilled to share that T.R.U. Ball® and AXCEL® Archery is growing their support of USA Archery for 2021 as a Uniform and National Events Sponsor.

As part of this partnership, USA Archery’s international team archers will be able to continue representing the T.R.U. Ball and AXCEL brands on the world stage, and the world’s leading sight and release manufacturer will have a presence at USA Archery National Events.

T.R.U. Inc. Marketing Director Brandon Reyes shared: “T.R.U. Ball and AXCEL Archery continues its dedication to target archery and the athletes of USA Archery with this new sponsorship. We are excited about the Olympics in 2021 and look forward to a strong, lasting relationship with everyone involved in USA Archery.”

USA Archery CEO Rod Menzer also shared his enthusiasm for the partnership: “T.R.U. Ball and AXCEL have a longstanding reputation of creating top quality archery accessories that have served many of our athletes well in the highest levels of competition. This industry leading manufacturer has always been a staunch supporter of competitive target archery and we are proud to continue to bring their high-quality brand and excellent products to our members.”

USA Archery appreciates T.R.U. Ball and AXCEL Archery’s support and looks forward to continuing to strengthen our partnership.

About T.R.U. Ball® Releases and AXCEL® Sights and Scopes

T.R.U. Ball / AXCEL Archery is the “Real #1” archery accessory manufacturer for over 25 years. T.R.U. Ball / AXCEL Archery is trusted by Olympians Brady Ellison and Mackenzie Brown and top professionals such as Jesse Broadwater, Alexis Ruiz, Reo Wilde, Paige Pearce, Dan McCarthy and others to win more events than any other release and sight company this decade! T.R.U. Ball Releases and AXCEL Sights are proudly engineered, CNC machined, and assembled in the USA!

About USA Archery

USA Archery is the National Governing Body for the Olympic sport of archery in the United States. USA Archery selects and trains Olympic, Paralympic, World Championship, and World Cup teams, as well as developing archery at the grassroots level across the United States. For more information, visit www.usarchery.org.

Media Contact

Sarah Boyd
[email protected]
USA Archery, 4065 Sinton Road, Suite 110, Colorado Springs, CO 80907

Lancaster Archery Supply Renews Support for The Pope and Young Club
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Lancaster Archery Supply Renews Support for The Pope and Young Club

Chatfield, MN – The Pope and Young Club is proud to announce that Lancaster Archery Supply has renewed their support through our Corporate Partner Program. Lancaster has continued their strong commitment to wildlife conservation, the protection, and defense of our bowhunting heritage and fair-chase ethics.

“Lancaster Archery Supply is excited about the future of the Pope and Young Club,” says Rob Kaufhold, President of Lancaster Archery Supply. “We’re proud to be able to assist the leaders and members of Pope and Young as a major voice and representative organization for bow hunting.”

The Clubs Corporate Partner Program allows manufacturers the opportunity to help P&Y “protect the future of our bowhunting heritage, promote conservation and welfare of habitat and wildlife.” We have given more than 1 million dollars to conservation and education programs across North America. Our conservation programs include Wild Harvest Initiative, Isle Royal Moose Study, Farmers, and Hunters Feeding the Hungry, National Wildlife Federation Howe Peak/Deadman Sheep Endowment Fund, Jack Creek Preserve Foundation, the Bitterroot Elk Project, Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation, American Wildlife Conservation Partners, Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, Orion – The Hunters Institute, National Conservation Leadership Institute, National Bowhunter Education Foundation, U.S. Sportsmans Alliance, National Archery in the Schools program, Scholastic 3-D Archery. Mule Deer Foundation, Wyoming Male Mule Deer Study and Winter Range Study, and many others.

“Having Lancaster Archery Supply continue supporting the Pope and Young Club is very important to the Club’s ability to fund our Conservation, Education and Outreach efforts,” said Rick Mowery, Communication/Marketing Manager for the Pope and Young Club. “Lancaster is one of the pillars of the archery industry, and we are very excited to have them on board. Their willingness to support our bowhunting heritage, bowhunters, and the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation speaks directly to their corporate character.”

For more information on Lancaster Archery, go to www.lancasterarchery.com

The Pope and Young Club is a non-profit North American conservation and bowhunting organization dedicated to the promotion and protection of Bowhunting by striving to increase awareness and appreciation of bowhunting foundations, principles, and values. The Pope and Young Club is focused on Fair Chase hunting ethics that support the ethical pursuit of free-ranging, wild game animals without unfair advantage while promoting the conservation of both habitat and wildlife. The Club also maintains the universally recognized repository of records and statistics on North American big game animals harvested with a bow and arrow.

Pope and Young Club www.pope-young.org • Ph: 507.867.4144

Please follow Pope and Young’s social media pages.

Facebook – @PopeAndYoungClub • Instagram – @popeandyoungclub • Twitter – @PopeYoungClub

Media contact Rick Mowery at [email protected], Ph: 989.884.3800


MOJO Bluetooth Remote Control Receivers Now Available
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MOJO Bluetooth Remote Control Receivers Now Available

MOJO® Outdoors is excited to announce the launch of their newest products, which allow users to control their MOJO spinning wing decoys from their smart phone. The MOJO Bluetooth Remote Control Receivers Powered by Pinteal for the Elite Series , Baby Mojo and the free MOJO Mobile app.

MOJO joined forces with Pinteal, who first introduced the technology to control your spinning wing decoys within an app on your phone, to create a MOJO-specific line.

Two remote control receivers are now available and shipping to dealers. One is compatible with the Elite Series USB decoys. The other is compatible with the Baby Mojo with Quick Connect. Just plug it in, download the app, connect your decoy and go!

Here’s what the Bluetooth Remote Controllers offer:

  • Comes with FREE MOJO Mobile app download for iPhone and Android
  • Easy to install USB bluetooth receiver or bluetooth quick connect receiver
  • Control and customize, individually or as a group, up to 10 decoys within MOJO Mobile app
  • Range up to 60+ yards
  • Customize the names of your decoys and intermittent timers within the app

For more info and videos on the new Bluetooth Remote Control Receivers, go here.

Check out MOJO®’s entire product line of decoys at www.mojooutdoors.com.

Follow us on Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube | Mailing List

About MOJO® Outdoors:

MOJO® Outdoors has long been recognized as the World Leader in Motion Decoys. The reliable and effective designs have revolutionized the hunting industry and make MOJO® the go-to brand for beginners to experts. Constant research and field testing allows for the steady release of new and innovative products.

Brought to you by the #1 Maker of Motion Decoys in the World and the Team who forever changed the way you hunt.

Media Contact:

Stevie Barefield
[email protected]


Rather Outdoors Seeks Field Videographer/Producer
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Rather Outdoors Seeks Field Videographer/Producer

POSITION : Field Videographer / Producer (full-time)


We are looking for a visionary storyteller that can capture top-tier content that can be turned into a compelling and relevant story that will connect with the target audience. We require that person that is self-motivated, willing to take on challenges head-on and is able to adapt as needed to find solutions on the spot to ensure a project is executed at the highest level.

The Field Videographer/Producer will be responsible for filming and editing material for television and promotional media as a member of Video Production department. Candidates for this position are required to maintain a flexible work schedule in order to accommodate evening and weekend shifts and travel to on-site locations as needed for filming.


• Work with Director of Video Production to guide concepting, production, shooting and editing of video content

• Work side by side with Director of Video Production to coordinate and manage workflow through the department, track projects, manage deliverables and adhere to schedules and deadlines

• Deliver film content and create videos in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment

• Conceptualize a vision and be able to employ the necessary communication skills and vocabulary to confidently present that to internal and external teams—from concept and storytelling to lighting and editing styles

• Proactively focus on key pro/angler relationships and maintain an easy to work with and flexible demeanor

• Demonstrated ability to work independently on multiple assignments and to work collaboratively within a team required

• Must be available to work a non-standard schedule in order to fulfill assigned duties and responsibilities

• Ensure all content is consistent with brand strategy and guidelines

• Keep up to date with the most cutting-edge storytelling techniques and approaches while understanding the latest technologies and equipment to enable us to bring them to life in the most efficient manner

• Exhibit excellent time management and communication skills

• Assist in post-production and editing of various projects as needed

• Oversees the security, operation and maintenance of equipment utilized in shooting and editing


• Pre-production skills should include creative concepting, simple storyboarding, scripting and asset organization

• Post-production skills should include discerning compelling content, identifying music tracks, file delivery and file management

• Knowledge of field production techniques and standards

• Must be proficient with common film editing applications (e.g. Adobe Premiere; Adobe After Effects; Adobe Photoshop, etc.)


Bachelor’s degree in Film/TV, Fine Arts or related area AND three years experience operating video cameras and editing equipment; OR, Three to five years experience operating video cameras and editing equipment; OR, Any equivalent combination of experience and/or education from which comparable knowledge, skills and abilities have been achieved.

• Must provide online portfolio and/or access to digital samples of finished prior work for consideration

You’ll be rewarded with highly competitive pay, comprehensive medical benefits, paid holidays, vacation (PTO) & available 401k.

This position will be located in Columbia, SC.

If this sounds like a position you’d enjoy and excel in, please submit your resume, portfolio, and cover letter to [email protected]

National Hiring Event: World’s Leading Outdoor Retailer – Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s – to hire 7,000 seasonal jobs in advance of holiday season
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National Hiring Event:
World’s Leading Outdoor Retailer – Bass Pro Shops
and Cabela’s – to hire 7,000 seasonal jobs in advance
of holiday season

SPRINGFIELD, Missouri – Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s is gearing up for the holiday season across America, hiring 7,000 seasonal workers at a National Hiring Day event on Thursday, Oct. 15. As North America’s premier outdoor company with a significant commitment to conservation, Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s team members have earned a reputation as the “World’s Foremost Outfitters” for their role serving millions of customers with products and experiences that help connect people to nature. Candidates who want to share their passion of the outdoors with others are strongly encouraged to apply.

Last year, Reputation.com ranked Bass Pro Shops as the third “Most Reputable Retailer in America.” Forbes also named the retailer as, “One of America’s Best Employers” and “Most Reputable Companies.” Perks and benefits include flexible hours, merchandise discounts up to 45 percent, healthcare benefits, an award-winning team culture and much more.

Seasonal retail positions are available in all of the company’s U.S. locations, including its Retail Stores, Contact Centers, Distribution Centers and White River Marine Group Manufacturing Plants nationwide.

Additionally, seasonal positions are available throughout Missouri’s Ozark Mountains where noted conservationist Johnny Morris first founded Bass Pro Shops in 1972, including world-class conservation attractions and resort destinations. These include Big Cedar Lodge, Dogwood Canyon Nature Park, and Johnny Morris’ Wonders of Wildlife National Museum and Aquarium, which was recently voted as “America’s Best Aquarium” by readers of USA Today.

Interested candidates can apply in advance by visiting basspro.com/careers. Walk-ins also are welcome with on-site interviews taking place from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. at all locations. While the majority of available positions are seasonal and part-time, qualified candidates can be considered for full-time employment. All applicants must be at least 18 years old. Bass Pro Shops is an equal opportunity employer and a drug-free workplace.

# # #

About Bass Pro Shops
Bass Pro Shops is North America’s premier outdoor and conservation company. Founded in 1972 when avid young angler Johnny Morris began selling tackle out of his father’s liquor store in Springfield, Missouri, today the company provides customers with unmatched offerings spanning premier destination retail, outdoor equipment manufacturing, world-class resort destinations and more. In 2017 Bass Pro Shops acquired Cabela’s to create a “best-of-the-best” experience with superior products, dynamic locations and outstanding customer service. Bass Pro Shops also operates White River Marine Group, offering an unsurpassed collection of industry-leading boat brands, and Big Cedar Lodge, America’s Premier Wilderness Resort. Under the visionary conservation leadership of Johnny Morris, Bass Pro Shops is a national leader in protecting habitat and introducing families to the outdoors and has been named by Forbes as “one of America’s Best Employers.”

Media Contact:
Bass Pro Communications
[email protected]

Firearms Training on Your Schedule
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Firearms Training on Your Schedule

The American Warrior Society, founded by Mike Seeklander, founder and CEO of Shooting-Performance, offers firearms owners a unique training membership program designed to engage, educate, and expand a firearms owner’s knowledge and skillset tool kit.

Owasso, Okla. (October 2020) – Mike Seeklander, CEO and founder of Shooting-Performance, a full-service training company, co-founded the American Warrior Society, a unique online membership training platform offering extensive learning modules, articles, forums, and feeds for gun owners serious about defensive firearms training.

The American Warrior Society’s membership allows students to train based on their skill level and grow at their own speed. This go-to defensive shooting training resource offers the student a large resource of training programs that will prepare the student to survive a deadly encounter. Students can grow their skillset at their own pace in any of the offerings that include Combatives, Medical, and Tactical Skills in handgun, rifle, and shotgun usage.

Whereas most training courses cost over $400 to attend for a one, two, or three-day firearms training course, the American Warrior Society courses provide access 24/7/365 at an annual cost equivalent to a single training course.

“With membership, you will be able to continually build onto your skillset by training more frequently, instead of taking one or two courses and hoping you remember all the information that was thrown at you in that short time, you’ll have the option of being able to watch a video over and over until you feel comfortable with a new skill, and you’ll be able to build on previous training,” Mike Seeklander explained.

Included in the membership program are over 250 training videos, monthly new exclusive training videos, a members-only private Facebook group, and discounts on training books and DVDs.

“The purpose of the American Warrior Society is to help gun owners train with the firearm they either carry every day or use for home defense. We encourage practice at home and on the range. Our coursework will keep you motivated and through our extensive and varied training programs, you will take your firearms skills to the next level and have the confidence and skill set to protect the ones you love,” Mike Seeklander commented.

To find out more about membership at the American Warrior Society, visit www.americanwarriorsociety.com. Try it out for free for 14 days, then it is only $27.00 a month.

For more information on Shooting Performance and upcoming courses, visit http://www.shooting-performance.com.


About Shooting-Performance, Inc:

Founded by award-winning, firearms and firearms training expert, Mike Seeklander, a Grandmaster and Distinguished Master, Shooting-Performance is all about taking it to the next level. Mike is the author of “Your Competition Handgun Training Program” and “Your Defensive Handgun Training Program” and the supporting DVD’s, cutting edge books that will take your shooting skills to the next level. For the blog, forum, free articles, and training videos, the store, or to buy a book that will make you a master shooter, visit the website. http://www.shooting-performance.com.


Media Contact:

Laura Burgess Marketing
P: 252-288-5805
[email protected]



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