Coastline at Santa Cruz, California, USA

Surfing in Santa Cruz, California was suppose to be fun. Well my husband was going to do the surfing and I was just going to hang out in the waves and try to catch a few on my body board.

I would have brought home great stories of freezing my toes off, feeling the wind in my hair, and feeling connected to the waves in the water. I might have even brought some pictures home of sea lions, dolphins, and critters scurry around the Santa Cruz coastline.

Surfing Santa Cruz California would have been grand if not for the rain!

The rain is just a lovely reminder that jumping in the water is not an everyday event. Of course there are some pride and true water babies like my husband and I who would face our body parts falling off just to catch that one good swell.

It’s o.k. we still had a good time in Santa Cruz, California. My husband knew that I was really bummed about the rain and being stuck in the hotel for two days. He really did all that he could to make me smile. I think my favorite thing was the picnic on the hotel room bed.

Votive candles were suppose to be tiki torches and the spread of food before us was suppose to be from a classic Luau. Sure, I know that the food that sat in front of us was from the local L&L Hawaiian BBQ. I just had to play along with the pulled pork, rice, and drinks because hubby went through so much trouble.

It was sweet. It was romantic. So how was your weekend? Did you get flooded out by rain like I did? Did it make up for not surfing Santa Cruz, California?