A milestone in my life today as I heard an elk bugle. Granted I’ve heard it on TV before but to hear it in the wild for the first time was a great experience. My wife and I rode into the Cataloochee Valley and we were treated to a fantastic display of nature. The bulls are rutting and chasing the cows. We watched one bull with a harem of about 10 cows and 5 calves in a meadow for about an hour. He put on a wonderful show wallowing, chasing cows, bugling and running his harem away from other bulls in the area. My wife and I had a great day and I shot over 300 photographs. Here is a small sampling of the photos I took. 










If you get the opportunity you really should travel into the valley and check it out. Here is a link to an earlier post I did about the decline of the elk herd.