Black Bear Blog has the story about Maine’s new law about transporting deer into and through the state. Now on the heels of that story comes this one that shows that CWD is present in blood. One only has to wonder if this study is confirmed through further research will this lead to additional restrictions and a possible out right ban on importing venison to any state. Additional information on CWD

Because recent research has shown than saliva and blood can transmit chronic wasting disease among deer, Colorado State University researchers are recommending that all elk and deer be tested for the disease before being consumed.

“I would want to know,” said professor Edward Hoover, a microbiology professor and principal scientist for the new research. Hoover eats wild venison but doesn’t hunt.

He noted that because blood can be found in virtually all organs and tissues, CWD prions can be present in all organs and tissues, albeit at far less concentrations than found in tonsils, brain and nerve tissues or lymph nodes.

Previously, wildlife officials in Colorado and Wyoming have said as long as those specific tissues are avoided, the meat should be safe to eat. State wildlife agencies have also recommended that hunters wear gloves when dressing animals to guard against accidental infection.

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