One of the things I can never understand is how lenient some judges can be with poachers. Well in Alaska this past Friday a judge hit a poacher with a stiff sentence for poaching 2 dall sheep.

An Anchorage taxidermist convicted of illegally killing two Dall sheep last winter in a popular sheep-viewing area along the Seward Highway was socked Friday with six months in jail, $25,000 in fines and probation restrictions designed to keep him off the Internet and away from hunting.
Robert McConnell’s defense lawyer protested that some of the penalties for his client were “cruel” and “draconian.”
Superior Court Judge John Suddock ordered that for the next 10 years McConnell is not allowed to own a computer or be on the Internet. He’s not allowed to practice taxidermy or own guns. And if he wants to leave the road system south of Anchorage, he’s got to have the permission of his probation officer.
Suddock stipulated those terms of McConnell’s sentence after hearing testimony Friday that strongly suggested McConnell had illegally sold animal parts and had helped poach more than just the two sheep he was busted for. The judge called McConnell a hunting addict and likened his punishment to an intervention.

Well I for one think this is great and more judges should follow Judge Suddock’s leading. Poaching of animals steals from all of us and an individual as habitual poacher as this man appears to be will not learn anything with leniency.

Anchorage Daily News