Animal Rights groups went to Federal court on Thursday to get a restraining order to stop the bear hunt and overrule US Fish & Wildlife’s decision to proceed with the hunt.

U.S. District Judge Henry C. Morgan Jr. denied the request. He said there was no evidence to support the groups’ contentions that the federal government did not comply with procedures for opening the refuge to bear hunting and that the recreational hunt would irreparably harm the refuge’s black bear population.
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, which oversees the refuge, had made a “long-considered, deeply studied decision” to hold the hunt, Morgan said.
“You have not demonstrated to me that the Fish and Wildlife Service has done anything wrong,” Morgan told attorneys for In Defense of Animals, the American Environment Foundation, the Animal Welfare Institute and residents Kristie Phelps and Danielle Moore.
The judge said, however, that the groups could return to court to try to bar future hunts.

Hearld Tribune

I’m glad the judge saw through the smoke and mirrors these types of groups like to use. In the matter of hours the hunt will begin unfortunately hunters in NJ will not get the same opportunity because the wacko’s won out there.