What to do with those ducks after the hunt? I find them to be very tasty and fix a wide variety of dishes with them. Tonight I cooked Stuffed Peppers this is a great dish for those who are unwilling to even try wild game because they may not realize what it is you’ve fixed.

First things is when cleaning waterfowl it is important to make sure you find any wayward shot that is in the meat because nothing is a bigger turn off to a fence sitting wild game eater then that.

To make this dish you need some good size peppers for stuffing, a couple of duck breasts or one goose breast, dirty rice mix, some sausage, onion, oil, and some good seasonings ( I use Buck Gardner’s Jamaican Jerk )

Put a thin coat of oil in cast iron fry pan and heat. Sprinkle seasoning on duck breasts and drop into pan and cook. Follow directions to make dirty rice tonight I didn’t have any sausage to add so I substituted some turkey pepperoni I also reduce the amount of sausage because I’ll be adding the duck.

When the dirty rice is cooked I chop up the duck into small pieces ( This step makes this a great recipe for shot up birds because you are almost certain to find all of the shot) I mix the duck and some onion into the dirty rice mixture.

Peppers should be washed and cut the tops off them and scoop the seeds out. Then stuff the peppers with the dirty rice mixture. I topped them off with some tomato and a little bit of shredded cheese. Bake at 350 for 30 minutes and then enjoy.