Photo Courtesy of NC Deer / Tim from NC State(Same one from the N&O story) with a Buck he arrowed in Raleigh

Hardly an afternoon goes by that I don’t listen to Bill LuMaye on WPTF out of Raleigh and today was no exception. Today’s topic was about the North Carolina Wildlife proposal to establish an urban bow hunting season ( N & O Story )for deer in cities that have a need to control the deer population.

It was surprising how many “hunters” called in that think this is a bad idea because of the dangers to the general public. People were concerned about the risk to small children and pets as well as property. As the show went on more individuals called in and a rather balanced discussion of the issue and it actually swung the other direction to most people thinking it was probably a reasonable option for cities to use to control the urban deer population.

One reoccurring concern was the hunting of “tame” animals and Bill talked about a place he lived once where deer were so tame you could of put them on a leash and walk them to your truck. Taming of wildlife is a concern in many parts of the country and there are documented cases of deer as well as other wildlife attacking humans looking for a handout. I don’t believe that anyone wants to necessarily hunt a tame animal but hunting will restore the natural fear of humans and it won’t take long to reverse the animals’ behavior.

One of the callers I did recognize and that was Craig Holt from NC Sportsman. He gave some great information and corrected some of the misinformation that had been presented by other callers. I’m glad Craig got through because after multiple attempts I gave up on hitting the redial.

I also found it interesting to hear that Bill had been a hunter at one time and a connoisseur of venison sausage. Anytime you want to try your hand again at hunting just let me know Bill I’ll hook ya up. As far as the sausage goes that’s like gold around my house that be a bit harder to hook ya up with.