Poaching in of itself is a greedy act but this poaching case out of Virginia has got to take the cake. Poacher Jason Cook admits that he has exceeded the Virginia Bag Limit for many years and has ordered to write an apology.

In a handwritten letter as part of a plea agreement, Cook apologized for illegally killing scores of turkeys over a 15-year period in a case that is unique in Virginia game department annals.
“I did not realize I may be taking opportunity away from others. However, looking back now, I realize I made a mistake and I am truly sorry for it,” Cook wrote in a document titled “To the Sports Men and Women of the Commonwealth of Virginia.”

Authorities when they searched his house last year seized evidence of numerous turkey kills including parts as well as photos he took. Poacher Cook admits that last April alone he took 9 turkeys (3 is the limit) and missed another 3. If this wasn’t bad enough the ultimate act of greed and his undoing was last April during Youth Day he took a shotgun from the youth he had on the hunt and killed the turkey. What a toad!!!!

Cook’s activities came to light during spring gobbler season last April, Cobb said. Another sportsman contacted game wardens with information about Cook, who at the time was assistant chief of Spotsylvania County Animal Control, hunting with his 5-year-old son. The two were at Fort A.P. Hill on Youth Turkey Day, when hunting is allowed only by youths 15 and younger.
The man said Cook used his son’s youth model 20-gauge shotgun to kill a turkey rather than let his son, who had some firearms training, take a shot.
“That’s greed for you,” Cobb said in an interview this week. “I know that’s why the person called [officials].”

This to me is just Unbelievable but then again I guess it’s hard to give Poaching a bad name but this story goes a long way towards doing just that. You can read the entire story that Columnist Lee Graves at the Times Dispatch.
posted and see if Poacher Cook is not one of the lowest of the lowest.