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Opening Day 2005 Caswell County

Turkey hunting is a lot like a woman when ya think you got things figured out everything changes. The 2005 season is the one that made me think I had this thing all figured out and the 2006 season brought me to my knees. In 2005 I hunted the winter turkey season, we went out the evening before and put a flock to bed and slipped out of the woods and waited for morning. Morning came we busted the flock and sat and called them back in I killed a hen which is legally during the winter season. You can only kill one bird during the winter season so I was half way towards tagging out before the spring season rolled in.

Spring season roles in and once again I’m at turkey camp in Caswell County. Once again the evening before I go out and put a turkey to bed and actually I’m in area where I hear 3 or 4 gobblers fly up to roost. We’re in there before daybreak to set up on these bad boys one of my friends has never killed one before so we send him and another buddy that is a real good caller right into the area these gobblers are at. Myself and another guy spread out down along this creek bottom a 150 yards away figuring we will get the chance to hear a great hunt. As the gobblers wake up the ones up where they are start sounding off and would you believe it another one sounds off on top of the ridge in front of me. That was not one we had heard the night before so either he flew up the same time the others did and the noise they made covered up his or he got bumped in the dark and moved to this location. I ended up killing that bird with hardly any calling at all or not turkey vocalizations. I did a fly down cackle and beat my cap on my chest to sound like wings and then I just did a little scratching in the leaves. The birds we set the two guys up on never would commit to the call and went out the other way and was killed by another one in our group further up the creek bottom.

So I basically tagged out on opening day because I killed one on opening day of the winter season and my second on opening day of the spring season. Not long after that I was feeling a bit cheated because my hunting was over and I was looking to take anybody I could to try to put them on a bird because I’m so addicted to the hunt. I swore 2006 season I wasn’t going to do that so I skipped the winter season all together so I could enjoy some great spring hunts when the gobblers were fired up.

I’ll talk about the 2006 hunt tomorrow but suffice it to say I haven’t found a good way to prepare tags that makes them as tasty as a wild turkey.

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Winter Turkey