You can just about bet that on any trip to Maine that involves me driving through Kittery Maine you can rest assure I’m stopping at this place. Growing up in New England I have seen how Kittery Trading Post has grown and expanded over the years. KTP is a lot like a Cabela’s or a Bass Pro with some animal mounts spread throughout the store but not as elaborate as those stores.

As far as product and selection where it really counts KTP hits a homerun. Just walk through the archery section or the firearm section and they have far more product and selection then any Bass Pro or Cabela’s I’ve ever been in.

I’m like a kid in a candy shop when I get inside the store and my wife knows that she’ll have a hard time dragging me out. Years when I’m on my way up to hunt in Maine I often stop here to purchase hunting, fishing licenses as well as tags. They have knowledgeable staff and if only I lived closer lots of classes on outdoor topics. KTP is on the Maine New Hampshire border and only about an hour drive from Massachusetts so easy for lots of outdoor enthusiasts to reach.
Now my interests are mainly hunting and fishing but KTP caters to many more outdoor interest then that; Kayaks, Canoes, Camping Equipment, Casual Clothing for the entire family, Maine products, and much more.

If you are traveling through the area you need to check this place out it sometime is overshadowed by the more famous outdoor retailer LL Bean but in my book KTP beats them out.