The town of Smithfield has 3 detectives deer hunting as part of their job and it is not to infiltrate some gang of rednecks but to kill deer. The town claims that they have an over population of deer within the town limits that has to be reduced.
Police officers are being used because it is more cost effective to allow them to hunt while on duty then for the town to hire sharpshooters. North Carolina Wildlife Commission biologist recommended that the town use sharpshooters or bow hunters.
A new law that went on the books this past year was designed to help cities and towns to deal with the exploding urban deer population by allowing them to hold bow hunts in January & February. The law calls for archers who have demonstrated proficiency with their bows to be allowed to hunt during this season. Unfortunately no city or town has decided to take advantage of this new option. The cost of this to the towns would be virtually nothing and it would certainly keep law officers on the streets and out of the trees.