Well after work today I’m off to hunt camp for the weekend. In the morning we have plans to hunt ducks and geese I’m hopeful the geese will show up. A goose for Christmas for some is a holiday tradition and one I started a few years back. I like to cook a Apple Hickory BBQ Goose breast for our family gathering on Christmas night. I didn’t have one last year to cook despite my effort to get one so I’m hopeful that the cloudy misty weather forecast for in the morning will aid me in my endeavor.

I enjoy creating recipes and presenting wild game for folks in a unique ways and to get past the standard objection of “I don’t like wild game”. Try this recipe out and I’m sure folks will have a hard time even guessing it is goose never mind wild game.

My recipe for Apple Hickory BBQ Goose
First off we do not pluck the geese we skin and breast the meat out as a boneless cut. Geese come in a wide variety of sizes so you’ll have to adjust cooking times to the size of the geese you have.
Take the boneless skinless goose breasts and put them in a roasting pan with about ¼ inch of apple cider vinegar in the bottom of the pan. Then cover the tops of the skinless goose with strips of bacon. Put the goose in a pre heated oven (375) and let cook till done but not overly down. For me this is usually about 45 minutes (internal temp of 165’f)
BBQ Sauce
Jar of Apple Jelly
Bottle of Hickory BBQ Sauce
½ cup of Apple cider vinegar
Mix all together in saucepan heat slowly stirring often till all the jelly is melted and everything blends together.
Take cooked goose out of oven drain off greases remove bacon and discard. You’ll still have small amount of grease in the pan but that’s fine you just want to dump the majority out. Allow the goose to rest for about 15 minutes and to begin to cool so it is easier to slice. Then slice it up like a roast and then return the slices to the roasting pan. Pour the BBQ sauce over the meat cover the pan with tin foil and return to the oven. Turn the oven down to 300 and leave it in for an hour. I’ve served this and people swear its beef roast or deer roast. No one guesses its Canadian goose.

I so enjoy hunting geese, we have a surplus of them, and we need to kill a lot to keep the population in check and I needed for others to help eat them. I got to admit just plain old goose meat was not my favorite thing so I had to find a way to cook them. Another way that I bet would be good is to use goose instead of Tundra Swan in my Tundra Swan Pot Pie.
If you get a chance maybe you’ll try to add a Christmas Goose to the holiday table.