A US Forest Service-contracted Heavy Air Tanker has been brought in to assist firefighters on the Evans Road Fire. This tanker can deliver 3,000 gallons of fire retardant in one drop.
Credit: USFS-Chris Carlson

Two weeks after lighting started the massive wildfire in Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge the weather has aided firefighters in getting the upper hand. The fire is now 60% contained and there is only about 5 miles of containment line to dig. Pumping operations from Lake Phelps and New Lake are allowing fire fighters to put 92,000 gallons a minute on to the still smoldering Pocosin fuel.

That is a massive amount of water.

The operations involve 35 high-volume pumps that can move about 92,000 gallons of water per minute, according to representatives from the incident command center for that fire.
“That would fill a normal-size in-ground swimming pool six times in one minute,” spokesperson Greg Pate said.
The pumps will run continuously, stopping when an area is completely flooded and the units need to be moved to another location.
The firefighters are authorized to draw down Lake Phelps by up to 5 inches.

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I understand that evacuees have been allowed to return to their homes and the main concern is the air quality with the heavy dense smoke this fire is still putting up. Hopefully the weather will continue to be helpful in the fight and total containment will be reached soon. I will continue to follow this story and bring you additional updates.

Story by Dan McLaughlin AKA Moose