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Anyone that has driven in the Aid Atlantic or South East of the United States has probably seen if not run over a Bigfoot if this past weekends Bigfoot unveiling is to be believed. Just last week I told you how two guys from Georgia had reportedly recovered the remains of a Bigfoot and how many of the major news organizations were running with it. Which isn’t surprising because they also seem to think Obama will make a good president.

Well the Bigfoot press conference was held and it turned out to be a bust

At the press conference, the self-proclaimed “best Bigfoot hunters in the world” declined repeated requests to display the Sasquatch remains. Instead, they handed out photographs purportedly showing the creature’s mouth and tongue, and a blurry image of a hairy figure strolling through the woods.
Reporters and other Bigfoot investigators were underwhelmed by the group’s evidence.

The DNA report came back as human & possum;

Casting further doubt on the group’s claim are mixed DNA results from the purported body.
The DNA sample was analyzed by Curt Nelson, a molecular biologist at the University of Minnesota, who described it as a mixture of human and opossum.
Biscardi’s “suggestion was that the tissue sample was from the intestine of the animal, and that the animal had eaten an opossum,”

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I don’t know much about checking DNA and all that but I certainly would take samples from a digestive track. So chance are pretty good if you’ve driven any where on a summer night in this part of the country you’ve seen a possum oops I mean a Bigfoot. With a story like this I’ll never look at road kill the same way.

Story by Dan McLaughlin AKA Moose