Bear Grylls the star of Discovery Channels Man VS Wild series has had an accident in Antarctica and is awaiting medivac after a serious accident on his latest endeavor. Reports out of the region suggest he has a significant injury to his shoulder that will require surgery to repair. Additionally until he can be properly evaluated the extent to of internal injuries and bleeding is unknown.

The trip to Antarctica while not for the TV show was a risky exploration adventure;

Bear Grylls is leading a team of four climbers to explore and climb in some of the most remote areas of Antarctica, sponsored by Ethanol Ventures.

The expedition aims to promote alternative energy and bioethanol as a source of power in the future and raise funds for Global Angels, an international children’s charity championing the needs of children around the world.

During this mission the team aim to scale one of the great unclimbed peaks in Antarctica, explore the coast by inflatable boat and jetski, part powered by bioethanol, an almost entirely carbon neutral fuel alternative, and then to travel across some of the vast ice desert by wind-powered kite-ski and electric powered paramotor.

We hope to show through this Antarctic adventure the potential of how bioethanol and alternative energy can sustain our environment and provide a viable power source for the future.

According to the website Journey Antarctica 2008 the accident happened on Saturday.

Sorry for the radio silence over the last 24 hours – but I have had a bit of an accident. We were all flying across the ice using the kite skis, which is when you use the big flexi-foil kites on long lines attached to your harness that propels you across the snow and ice. I was doing speeds of over 50 kilometres an hour when I hit a patch of blue ice, lost a ski and got catapulted into the air, crashing down very hard. There is no doubt my helmet saved my life, but I smashed my shoulder and hands and was badly winded. I knew at once I had done something bad to my shoulder and was in absolute agony, my shoulder was drooped down and a bone was sticking out at a weird angle. I am safe at our expedition basecamp now and the shoulder is all strapped up tight, but is very painful. The bottom line is I am lucky.

The rest of the team made the peak on Sunday without Bear;

It has been a high tension 48hrs with great highs and lows but we have achieved our main goal now despite the cost of my injury.

Meanwhile i am pretty heavily pain killer-ed up with this shoulder bone sticking up pretty weirdly, but am doing ok all things considered.

The logistics team and Patrick are doing a great job trying to orchestrate a rescue for me but flying in a medivac to land out here in these strong winds is not proving easy.

Hopefully the weather will break and the medivac will get the window necessary to get Bear out.

Post by Dan McLaughlin AKA Moose