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Jefferson town board voted unanimously to join the list of communities that participate in the urban archery season starting next year.

The town of Jefferson is following Elkin’s example and adding an urban bow-hunting season as a way to control a deer population that has become a nuisance.

Large forested areas that provide deer habitat, including Mount Jefferson, are close to such major roads as U.S. 221. “There’s seldom a day goes by one is not hit on the bypass around Jefferson,” Mayor Dana Tugman said of the deer.

The town board voted unanimously last week to allow bow hunters to kill deer during the urban season, starting next year. The board voted to meet the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission’s April 1 deadline for applying for the 2010 season.

WS Journal
The urban archery season takes place in January and February within town and city limits that have signed up with the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission as a way to control deer populations within urban areas. Many parts of the state have significant problems with deer causing motor vehicle accidents as well as other property damage.