Ted Nugent & Cameraman Mitch Moore pled no contest to game violations

Ted Nugent or better known to the hunting community as “Uncle Ted” has entered a plea of no contest to hunting violations in California from a hunt he filmed for his outdoor show “Spirit of the Wild”. According to Appeal Democrat;

Yuba City attorney Jack Kopp, representing Theodore Anthony Nugent, entered the plea to Department of Fish and Game charges of baiting deer and not having a deer tag “countersigned” at the closest possible location, said Deputy District Attorney John Vacek.
Nugent, who did not appear in court, also illegally shot an immature buck on the show but was not charged, according to Fish and Game.
Baiting deer is legal in some states but not in California, said department spokesman Patrick Foy. Baiting supplies are sold at some outdoor stores, he said.
The deer was killed in El Dorado County toward the end of deer hunting season last fall but brought to Yuba County. Two co-defendants, Mitchell Neil Moore and Ross Albert Patterson, live in Yuba County, said Vacek.

While the net has had some rumors about the violations almost from the time they happened it appears California Authorities were unaware until a warden saw the show with the violations when it aired in March. The story goes on to say that Ted Nugent fully cooperated with the investigation.

Hunters are ultimately responsible for their own actions so even though Ted was hunting with two local men that should have known the rules Ted should have also. The area was baited with C’Mere Deer a product that is an attractant sprayed on forage to lure deer into an area. While use of that product is legal in North Carolina and a number of other states California does not allow baiting of deer.
While I certainly don’t support law breaking I really think this was an honest mistake and not a deceitful act. There does not appear to be any effort on Ted’s part to hide what he did, I’m sure he could of edited parts out of his TV Show. He also wrote a letter to a local Archery Shop Owner where he described the hunt noting they used C’Meer Deer. It does seem to suggest it was used in the preseason (“reseason”) and not clear it was used actually during the hunt.

On this early season bowhunt for CA blacktail dee, Ted used his #50 Martin Rytera AlienX bow, GodTip 5575 Nuge arrows, 100 grain Magnus Busscut broadhead, Scott release, Lumenok lighted nocks, Sims LimbSavers, drop away arrow rest, fiber optic sight and accessories, Mossy Oak lightweight Savannag ScentLok clothing. Bushnell optics and flashlight, ThermaCell, Code Blue scents and scent eliminator, Knight and Hale calls, C’Mere Deer during the reseason, Outdoor Edge knives, Glenn’s Deerhandle and numerous Our Fathers and Hail Mary’s

The full story of the hunt in Ted’s own words can be found at Archery News Online.
Famous hunters like Uncle Ted can do a lot to put a positive face on our sport that is often maligned by much of the media. Unfortunately when things like this happen it gives us all a black eye. I hope Ted will at some point address this issue and explain what happened much like he urged Jim Zumbo to do. We all make mistakes and in my view this just appears to be a bit of carelessness on understanding the rules before going hunting.