What many of us hope to see Saturday

Saturday Morning the 2011 Turkey season will open across the state of North Carolina and many hunters will be hoping to call a gobbler in close enough to put a tag on. If your like me you’ve checked and double checked you vest and made sure every call is in its place and ready to go. After work tomorrow I’ll join a number of other hunters in turkey camp it will be a sleepless night I’m sure partly because of the anticipation of opening morning as well as all the snoring from the surrounding bunks.

Turkey season is about my favorite season so I’m always excited about it. I have a number of things I’m trying out this year; a new choke tube, some calls, and a few other unique items. Seems like every year someone gets hurt or killed chasing turkeys so please be careful out there. Remember your safe gun handling skills and always and I mean always identify your target.

Good Luck