A North Carolina man convicted in Kentucky for poaching a 14 pt.buck has lost his world wide right to hunt as part of his sentencing.

Rodney L. Poteat has agreed to pay more than $5,300 in restitution and fees and has been subjected to a two-year worldwide hunting ban after pleading guilty to federal charges of illegally killing and transporting wildlife from Kentucky.
Poteat, 44, currently lives in Salisbury, N.C. U.S. Magistrate Judge E. Robert Goebell sentenced him earlier this month in Bowling Green federal court after Poteat admitted hunting in Kentucky since 1999 without purchasing the required licenses. Goebell issued the hunting ban as a condition of unsupervised probation.
According to the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, Poteat transported a 14-point whitetail deer from Hart County to North Carolina on Nov. 27, 2010. He failed to purchase a Kentucky nonresident hunting license and deer permit and also to report the kill and file a report with the department before transporting the deer out of state.

Poachers especially those who kill a “trophy animal” are pretty much low life’s in my view and I’m glad this guy was caught. How he was caught is pretty cool in that other hunters had the buck Poteat claimed he killed in North Carolina on trail camera’s in Kentucky. Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife armed with the photos had the info to press Poteat.

Kentucky enforcement officials grew suspicious when hunters from the Hart County area said Poteat claimed that one of his mounted deer was killed in North Carolina. Trail camera photos taken in Hart County showed a live deer with a distinctive antler configuration identical to that of Poteat’s mount.
When confronted with the photos, Poteat admitted his violations and surrendered four deer mounts, two turkey mounts and a bobcat mount. He also pleaded guilty to knowingly transporting a bobcat from Kentucky without purchasing the required license and failure to report the taking of a bobcat.

Courier Journal

While the headline of the World Wide Hunting ban hit many news wires last week the fact that hunters busted this case with trail cameras was not as widely reported. Hunters in general hate poachers and many of us will in a heartbeat will assist law enforcement to bust those who cheat. So anyone thinking about killing a trophy buck illegal you better hope know one has that buck on a game camera anywhere or you may be busted too.