Safety has to be paramount in your mind as you turkey hunt.

With some fore thought about what you’ll do tomorrow in the woods most accidents can be avoided. The biggest mistake seems to be the failure to properly identify your target and what is beyond it that is a recipe for disaster. This past week the foliage has really popped around here so seeing in the woods has become a little more difficult with the leaves returning. Even if you are hunting on private property that no one else is suppose to be on do not assume that call you hear or that movement you see is a turkey. A few years ago I had an encounter with a trespasser that was between me and the gobbler I was working it was only by chance I was able to spot him cause he certainly wasn’t saying anything because he was doing something he shouldn’t be doing.

NC Wildlife sent out this list of items to keep in mind;

The Top 5 Safety Considerations for Turkey Hunting

· Leave the area if you think another hunter is already there.

· Alert another hunter to your presence by saying “Stop” in a loud voice.

· Never stalk a gobbler, which only increases your chances of being mistaken for game.

· Never wear red, white, blue or black — those are colors of a tom’s head and body.

· Make sure your decoy or harvested turkey isn’t visible when you transport it.

Hunting is a fun activity and by doing your part it is a very safe activity. Be careful out there I hope the woods and the hillsides roar with gobbles in the morning and the hens sleep in. I’ll be at work missing the first opening day for me in a long time but don’t worry I got some woods time planned for next week. BE SAFE